Major Causes and Solutions for Erectile Dysfunction

Before turning to Caverject online for erectile dysfunction, it is only fitting to learn what erectile dysfunction is. Also known as ED, this is when a male person cannot achieve or maintain a firm erection for sex to take place.

After arousal, there is a transmission of impulses to the blood vessels situated in the penis. This transmission leads to the dilation of the blood vessels and blood rushes into the penis. All along, the pressure will continue building up and the penis will remain erect as the blood will be trapped inside the corpora cavernosa. Erectile dysfunction occurs if the blood supply to the penis is not enough or if it fails to remain in the penis. When ED occurs, Caverject online for erectile dysfunction can be helpful.

The statistics of erectile dysfunction in men are shocking but few people ever speak out or seek treatment. Though it plagues men of all ages, it is more common as men get older.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

It is vital to note that the causes of ED can be categorized into two groups, psychological and physical. While each category of causes has its contributing aspects, the majority of ED cases involve both groups.

The Physical Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

The most known and common physical factors bringing about ED relate to blood pressure and the circulatory system.

The following conditions can influence the volume of blood that flows to the penis-High cholesterol levels, hypertension, heart ailments, and atherosclerosis. Diabetes also plays a part in erectile dysfunction by causing damage to the blood vessels and nerves.

Additional conditions that might cause erectile dysfunction include multiple sclerosis, amnesia, and other sleep disorders, Peyronie’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, drug abuse, and alcoholism.

Psychological Causes That Bring About Erectile Dysfunction

Up to a fifth of erectile dysfunction cases are as a direct result of psychological reasons. Arousal begins in the brain and so psychological and mental health issues such as anxiety and depression can affect libido considerably.

Also, when a person is highly stressed, there may be interference with the transmission of signals that allow more blood to reach the penis. It is interesting to learn that in most cases, sexual performance anxiety might emanate from psychological issues.

Treatment Options for Erectile Dysfunction

Note that a simple physical examination is sometimes not all that is required for erectile dysfunction diagnosis. Your physician might have to administer a variety of tests if there is suspicion of underlying problems. Once the reasons for the ED are known, your doctor can recommend proper treatment including the options below.

Vacuum Constriction Procedure

This is where special devices are used to bring about an erection via vacuum pressure. Using constriction devices, an erection achieved and to make sure that the erection lasts, constriction band(s) are put around the penis at the base.

Surgical Procedure

This is an invasive procedure to deal with erectile dysfunction. This is a bit complex as malleable rods or inflatable devices are implanted via surgery on both sides of the penis to cause an erection.

Changes in Lifestyle

There are some situations where erectile dysfunction is primarily caused by lifestyle choices or factors. Some of these include not exercising, unhealthy food, and obesity. By making changes to one’s lifestyle, the underlying reasons for the condition will be resolved.

Erectile Dysfunction Medication

As learned earlier, the primary cause of erectile dysfunction is lack of enough blood in the penis. Luckily, some drugs can assist in stimulating the flow of blood to the penis making erection possible. Ensure that you take the medication before having sex or as directed by your pharmacist. One of the best options is to reach out to digital healthcare platforms like Numan, where you can get the perfect guidance regarding the medication from the health experts.


If psychological reasons are the cause of erectile dysfunction, psychotherapy can help. This is by addressing negative thinking patterns that give rise to performance anxiety and lead to erectile dysfunction. Cognitive-behavioral therapy or CBT can make a lot of difference.

Conclusion : While some people find it difficult to talk about erectile dysfunction, the alternative is living with this condition and having a sex life that is nothing to write home about. It is not like the problem will just disappear if you don’t acknowledge it!

It is vital to keep in mind that at times, it can get pretty challenging pinning down the exact reason for erectile dysfunction. But it is better to try and seek help than giving up because ED can lead to other situations and conditions such as low self-esteem, impotence, relationship problems, and heightened stress.

Remember, while there are many treatment options for erectile dysfunction, rushing is not going to help you. You should stop and ponder which method is the best fit for you and keep in mind that not all of them will give you the desired results.

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