Things you must have when traveling solo

Are you planning to embark on your first solo trip? Traveling is an incredible experience, and doing it alone can be spectacular. When traveling solo, you can do whatever you want, when you want to, as you don’t have to appease anyone with your plans. Traveling solo is one way of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. However, when going alone, you have to prepare thoroughly and stay safe.

No matter where you are going, there are some essentials you need. There are some things you should always have. To help ease your travel plans, here are some solo travel tips that will guide you in your journey.

Before traveling, you need to have the appropriate travel backpack. It will help you get comfortable and organized on the road.

Make sure to book your first nights of accommodation. It helps you have an easier time when traveling solo. Traveling alone does not necessarily mean you are alone. Being alone will make you more approachable. You will most likely meet other people while traveling. Being solo attracts more people to have a conversation.

To be safe, make sure you carry an accommodation card with your address written on it. It ensures you can get in a cab quickly and get home immediately. After arriving, give yourself a day or two to rest. Avoid making any plans during this rest period.

Having a safety whistle makes it easy to scare off wild animals. A whistle will let others know where you are in case you are trapped somewhere. Wear one around your neck, especially if you are planning to take a hike. Having travel apps makes it easier to connect with other travelers. Some of the travel apps include Couchsurfing, HereToMeet, Penroads, and travel message boards such as Reddit’s Travel Partners.  

When traveling solo, walk and talk with confidence. Don’t make it apparent you are stranded or unsure of yourself. Walk tall and most people might think you are a local. 

Keep your valuables at home or well-hidden. Carrying less important valuables can mean taking less essential things, so it might be best to have a place to put those valuables. As such, look for hostels with shared spaces that may offer planned events and outings.

Make sure to invest in a good flashlight. There are times at which you find yourself in a dark place or need to find something in a dim crevice. As such, keeping something in hand to aid you through those challenges is very wise to do.

Be flexible and open-minded. Thailand won’t roll out a red carpet simply because you can’t use a squat toilet. When traveling, you will figure things out as you go.

Arrive at your destination during the day. Daylight prevents you from being alone in sketchy areas. 

Packing light is always good, and it forces you to better organize your luggage. Certain products will offer efficient ways of packing, so it would be smart to look out for those when traveling.

Make sure to experience each day. Depending on the location, you can sample different foods or wander through a fascinating museum.

Solo travel will help strengthen your relationship with yourself. Reflect on what you’ve learned and what you’ve felt throughout your journey. Solo travel allows you to know more about yourself without any distractions.

Here are some items solo travelers should have with them:


An emergency Contact Card

No matter where you are traveling to, you should always keep an emergency card at all times. The emergency card should have information on a close one back home. Any important details regarding your allergies and health should be listed. If you carry a smartphone, ensure you fill out these details on the medical ID Section.


A portable charger

You will travel with your charger, and having one on-the-go is an added advantage. Portable power banks are a great help when traveling. A portable charger ensures your phones don’t go out.  


A change of clothes

No one knows when their baggage will get lost. If you have been traveling for 24 hours straight, not having a clean shirt or underpants can be stressful. You don’t have to have an elaborate outfit, make sure you pack light depending on the climate of your destination.


A change of shoes

Shoes are heavy and will take unnecessary space. Take a maximum of three pairs depending on where you are going. For destinations that are warm and beachy, go for flats and flip-flops. In case you are going for a hike, go for sneakers.


Emergency blanket

Having an aluminized Polyester blanket is a perfect fit for those nights which are chillier than expected. You can watch the stars under these blankets which offer an ideal ground cover for sticky situations.


Plastic bags

Plastic bags are ideal for chargers, medication, passports, toiletries, and many more. Go for thicker bags that will protect goods from moisture. Clear plastic ensures travelers stay organized and find things quickly.


First-Aid Kit

Make sure you buy a first-aid kit and customize it with the essentials you need. A traveler’s first-aid kit should have Aspirin, Lactaid, and Imodium for stomach aches. Depending on where you are going, ensure you have everything well covered.


Hidden physical currency

You don’t have to experience pickpocketing, divide your cash just in case something disappears. Travelers are also going for hidden money bags that are lightweight. A money belt with multiple pockets is ideal and will help protect your funds.


Don’t pack a Dishwasher

Most people will pack their favorite dishwasher when traveling. It’s not necessary as most hotels have them already. 


Clothesline and detergent

If you are planning to pack light, this is exceedingly helpful. No one will care that you are wearing the same outfit all week. A portable clothesline and some detergent are perfect for keeping clothes clean and fresh.


Reusable water tumbler bottle

When traveling, it’s always great to stay hydrated. To avoid the hassle of having to buy bottled water, keep a reusable water tumbler bottle. Lightweight and leak-proof water bottles are a great option.


A multipurpose knife

Swiss Army Pocket knives are ideal, as they come with a bottle opener, can opener, corkscrew, nail filer, and other tools. You also don’t know when you might need it for self-defense. Wild animals might attack, and this knife will come in handy.


Food supplies

Never rely on street vendors when traveling and take extra foods like biscuits and chips. Keep your food supplies in an easily accessible pocket. Make sure to have a couple of chocolate bars and easy to make noodles.



You might end up in a hostel where sharing accommodation is a must. Take care of your belongings by keeping your backpack and suitcase locked.


Copy of your documents

You can’t afford to lose your documents. Keeping copies is a wise ecision to make by securing them in a small folder.

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