Ludo: A Strategic and Fun-filled Game

Today, life has become very stressful thanks to erratic working hours and no proper work-life balance. However, that does not mean you miss out on all the fun. Thanks to technology you can not only browse or shop online but also play games online. In fact, you can play most of your childhood board games online and revive your childhood memories. Ludo is one strategic game that you can play online and even earn money. All you need to do is download any ludo money earning app and start playing.

While most of the rules for playing Ludo are still the same, the introduction of websites and mobile apps has drastically changed the User Interface (UI). Players can play a wide range of games and even earn money by winning cash prizes.

Download Ludo App and Win Prizes

Today, you can revisit your childhood memories by playing ludo game online. You can simply download the app or play on some websites. While you may need inputs on how to win money, the game’s instructions are fairly simple and easy to understand. However, a player must fill an online form to deposit money into the game wallet before they start playing. Also, the winner can withdraw their winnings up to a certain amount.

That said, most of the online Ludo games offer rewards for winners of the game. The bonus is calculated based on the number of games completed and a few more factors. However, do note that not all apps offer bonuses. Some ludo apps may only provide you information about bonuses being available online.

Earn Cash Through Referrals

You can earn some extra money by referring people to the site or app. So, whenever a new user joins using the unique referral code, you can win some money. The amount of money in your online wallet increases every time a new participant registers using the same code. Download any ludo money earning app and start earning some extra money!

Use Different Rooms To Play

While four players are needed to compete with each other in a game of ludo, the game server is capable of hosting many ludo sessions at the same time. So, if you are playing with your friends or family and need a separate room to play, you can avail it in the online game. Also, if you want to play against any random player you can choose to do that as well. The app offers both private as well as public virtual rooms.

Additionally, as the game develops, players will learn that each level has its own skins and themes. You can see different colours and patterns on the skins of the boards and tokens. Also, occasionally, you can hear interesting music in the background. In some apps, the skins available at higher levels are more appealing than those at lower levels. You can choose from different skins based on their ranking. Each skin comes with its own background noise.

Start With A Number Six On The Dice

Just like the physical ludo board game, you can start the game only after you roll a six on the dice. With every token, you must advance through one complete round of the entire ludo board. So, four rounds will ensure that you have completed all the tokens and they are home. Others can try to capture your tokens or move ahead of you and beat you to win.

Availability of online tutorials to understand the game better

There’s no denying that many have started playing online games, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns and restrictions. These online tutorials are particularly important for those who want to learn and practice the game online. While practicing the game is not difficult, winning it requires the right strategies and perseverance.

Here are a few strategies you can consider to win the game

  • Move all tokens: Avoid moving only one token along the length of the board. Throughout the game, most squares must be free of obstructions. So, ensure that you move all your tokens rapidly to win the game.
  • Be patient enough: Try to wait before you move tokens near the virtual board’s star-shaped indicators. If possible, keep them on the star-shaped square for long enough to plan the next course of action. You can also get rid of your opponent’s tokens.
  • Apply Rule of Seven: As rule of thumb, stay seven moves ahead of your opponent. This also gives you the opportunity to escape when your opponent’s token draws near.

Final Thoughts

Online ludo is as fun as the physical board game. All you need to is download any ludo money earning app and even win cash prizes.

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