Clash Of The Titans: PUBG Versus Fortnite: Which One Is Your Favorite?

The past few years have been quite phenomenal when it comes to video games. The online gaming community has been growing day by day. Due to the development in this field, it has been getting stronger too. A lot of virtual games have launched and seen to have breaking records with their fantastic gameplay and connectivity to its audience. Standing in 2019, the two major games that took the internet by surprise and have created new benchmarks in the gaming community are, of course, PUBG and Fortnite. Whether you are into online gaming or not, these two games are quite familiar in today’s date, and we shall know the reason why.

What is so compelling that most of the online gamers are into PUBG and Fortnite? Are these two games similar? If yes, then why do players prefer playing and streaming only one in particular? If not, then which amongst the two is better? Let us find out.

The Original Release Of PUBG And Fortnite

Both the games PUBG and Fortnite were globally released in 2017. After being run at beta releases, they were finally launched in the year 2017. During the beta-phases, both the games acquired so much love and fame from all over the globe. This resulted in the launch of the fully-released versions of PUBG and Fortnite.

What Category Of Games Do PUBG And Fortnite Fall In?

Both PUBG, (Player Unknown’s Battle Ground) and Fortnite are Online Battle Royale games. In a Battle Royale game, there are a limited number of players that join a particular match, at any given time. To win the game, a specific player has to defeat the other online players, either by combat, i.e., with the use of guns and other war crafts or survival.

Survival is an essential aspect of both these games. The whole point of playing the game to ensure a win is to survive until the end by staying alive. Suppose if you could kill a total of eight enemies but you were killed before the last round, by someone who has got only five kills, it is still considered as a defeat.

Why Is Player Unknown’s Battle Ground Or PUBG So Famous?

With PUBG’s release in December of 2017, the game started at a slow pace. It managed to get good reviews on Steam and was also chosen for one of the best games in 2017. But due to the game’s demand of being purchased at the time of installing it, might just have lost quite a few potential gamers. But NOT NOW! The success of the game was steady but boomed once the famous Youtubers started streaming this game. This brought in a lot of traffic for those Youtubers, who were mutually benefited by this, too.

The unique features in PUBG have made it stand out from the rest of the online survival games. As the name goes, the battlegrounds are filled with loots, which are nothing but Bags, Med-Kits, Guns, ammunition and other things that you will have to use to shoot your enemies or heal yourself upon being hit.

But these are not the only features that stand out. For PUBG, it is about how much it stands with reality. The game is super realistic, and the graphics design is undoubtedly one of the best in today’s time. The regular updates, new maps, and introduction to new event launches have potentially made it the top-grossing game in history.

You Can Play PUBG In:

  • SOLO MODE (Single Player)
  • DUO MODE (Two-Players)
  • SQUAD MODE (Four-players)

The versatility of this game is outstanding. You can play this game with your friends and team up in groups of four. You can also stay connected with them with its in-game voice chat mode.

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Why Is Fortnite So Popular?

Fortnite is quite similar to PUBG on the features and fundamental aspects. It is an online game of Battle Royale, too and includes players globally who have to survive till the end to win the match. However, a crucial aspect that Fortnite has missing is the seriousness and realistic nature of the theme. The gameplay yet is very smooth and subtle and provides quite a good experience for the gamer. But the fact that it stresses more on the items and icons like gestures and emotes is the reason some gamers think that it is a childish version of PUBG. This thought, however, depends on each player’s perspective.

Fortnite has been on the records for being streamed at an astronomically high frequency, and this could be reasoned for the fact of the light-toned gameplay. The overall theme of Fortnite is quite animated and indulges cartoon characters, but this is something that the general viewers like a lot, as they have entered to spectate the game for the fun it offers.

You could build bridges and other objects, use your ability to fly or climb too high, which in general sense, is unrealistic and misses in PUBG.

However, this game has been growing at a considerably high rate, since the game is free of cost and does not require a high-spec PC, unlike PUBG.

The game modes though, are similar, and you can choose to play SOLO, DUO or in a SQUAD.

Is There A General Verdict?

In summary, both PUBG and Fortnite have some key features that not seen in their counterpart. But, looking at the progress of both these games, it is quite evident to say that it is not possible to conclude any of these games to be ‘more superior.’

Both these games hit their target audience quite well, and till the time one of the games lose a part of their potential players, none of the games can come out to be the best. And upon losing the audience, both these games have been launched for their corresponding Mobile platforms. So, it could very well be said that none of these games are going to be extinct in the coming years. Are you addicted to watch cartoon daily.? Yes.? Than here is the list of websites to watch cartoon online in free at your time.

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