Latest trends in the Mass Communication industry

The mass communication industry is one of the fastest emerging subject areas in recent decades. Owing to the progression of technological and industrial growth, new possibilities and trends are emerging at a drastic rate. What is known to the world today could be a thing of the past just tomorrow. The various segments of advertising, film, print media, television, music, and digital media industry are undergoing phenomenal growth. It is so difficult for everyone to keep up with the pace of these emerging trends.

Read on to gain some insight into the most critical industry trends to cope up with the demands of such dynamic business requirements:

  • Increased Audience Control: Internet has revolutionized the way media used to target everyone and bombard them with their perspective of a scenario. The mass audience nowadays takes charge of what they want the media to present or what they expect themselves to be exposed to. It’s quite complicated with media as they all cater to diverse perspectives of the same scenario. Owing to the recent technological advancements, audiences have the power to control what they would like to see and hear. They have numerous other options to avoid one particular portrayal of a news story such as blogs and online media to get the required information.
  • Multiple platforms for Content Delivery: The era of multiple delivery platforms has created more occasions for consumers where they can just publish their content for a larger audience through compatible devices and mediums like smartphones and web. The effect of multiple delivery platforms has been gauged by companies for realizing the consumer’s preference and is trying to employ all their resources to make their content available across all the leading platforms. They are researching the most compatible devices to get the most of their audience on board. Content providers are making the use of the technology to bring their products and services to the medium of choice for their target audience. They try to make their content accessible on multiple platforms.
  • The Digital Advertising Ecosystem: The changing digital landscape continues to unfold its presence in every nook and corner of the world and has started a new piloted era of digital advertising. The increasing online presence of individuals and business organisations has started online advertising campaigns to market their businesses. It has become a reliable, cost-efficient, and effective way of advertising and to deliver meaningful results amid the dynamic business conditions. However, the most challenging part of the digital landscape is ad blockers, hackers, advertising frauds, unwelcomed bots, and others that exaggerate the data leading to inflating prices for companies and advertisers.
  • User-generated Content: Content consumption used to be a one-on-one type interaction thing in the past but this trend has changed now. It’s more like a two-way theory where you deliver your content by consulting common masses and use user-generated content by peer production possibilities so that people can share and equally collaborate on content. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media forums are being used to let user-generated content through blogs to influence their target consumers. These online communities also facilitate active sharing, conversation, participation, collaboration, and linkage of content through comments making this platform more engaging and preferable.

It is one of the most important things for the media and communication industry to explore the key issues of digitalizing the delivery platforms and to find solutions to overcome the risk. There are numerous opportunities with BA mass communication and the evolving horizon of mass communication is creating hype for this field.

Kishan Rana

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