Erection pills – How to Work?

ED is something that people do not discuss very often. Have you ever given a thought to why all over the world men just keep in secret about their erectile dysfunction? Men try to keep their sexual dysfunctions secret, may be out of shame, hesitation, or out of ego. But, sexual dysfunction can occur to both genders. 

Hence, keeping your erectile disorders will give you more mental pressure and will worsen your relationship with your partner although there are drugs for its treatment like Vidalista 60 or Cenforce 200 Mg

Erectile dysfunction is a disorder where the men cannot maintain the erection during sexual intercourse or cannot get an erection. Men with ED lack sexual desires, sexual satisfaction, they avoid getting involved in sexual activities with their partners, suffer from performance pressure, and a lot of psychological stress. More than 50% of the men population suffers from erectile issues after a certain age. 

So, it is recommended that men should tell their wives about their erectile problems this will reduce disputes in the relationship as she will know about your problem, will keep your mind out of performance stress and anxiety, you can dedicate yours mindfully towards the treatment of ED. 

Role wife plays for ED patient

It is also, a prime responsibility of a wife to be with her husband and help him to get out of this disorder. The significant role a wife should play are: 

  • Expanding the meaning of sex- sex doesn’t mean that you have to indulge yourself in sexual intercourse only. You can endure other sexual activities with your partner so that he gets an erection for penetration. Like non-sexual kissing, sexual kissing, caressing, manual genital stimulation, orogenital contact, or with the help of some sexual toys. 
  • Ask your partner to consult an ED specialist, such as Male Excel, to learn about erectile dysfunction and the methods to get rid of it. Help your partner by taking him to some professional psychiatrists or sexologists and be with him the whole time, as sexual urges can be get satisfied by other means other than penetration with your partner. And this might help him to gain some confidence and energy and this might result in some hardness in the penis. 
  • Know your partner’s reason for having erectile dysfunction. It is very important to know why your partner has ED. Is it because of some disease? Some medications? Some psychological disorders? If your partner is old, then it is normal because men after a certain age have ED. Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, prostate enlargement, these all are the reasons for erectile dysfunction. If your husband has any of these issues then ED might have occurred to him because of these. First, help him to get a proper lifestyle with a healthy diet plan, physical activities, and mental peace. If your husband has gone through any spinal surgery or prostatic surgeries or accidents then he will get ED and he will need Fildena CT 100 MCG or Cenforce 150. Help him by getting his treatment starting with physiotherapy especially the lower part of the body. If your partner has been diagnosed with ED due to some medications, then stop the dosages/administration of that medication or consult a doctor about those medications (like NSAIDs, beta-blockers, antidepressants, antihistamines, BP meds, analgesics, and other drugs for many autoimmune diseases) and lower the doses or take some other supplements that might not affect the testosterone hormone level. As testosterone levels are responsible for sexual desires. 
  • The major role to get a satisfying sexual life is to have communication with your husband. Discuss his problem, how he feels, what happens during or before the sexual intercourse to him, know his fears, stress. Make him feel special because the one who is suffering from ED often gets the thought that his wife will leave him or will have an affair because he cannot satisfy her sexually. Get these thoughts out of his head. Open up to him and make him feel comfortable. As sexual dysfunction occurs to both genders, suppose in this scenario you have the disorder and not your husband, think how you would feel, keep yourself in his shoes and then treat him in that way in which you want yourself to be treated. 
  • Make your husband quit all the bad habits, like cigarette smoking, alcohol intake, drug abuse, make him exercise regularly, lose weight. As obesity is another reason for ED. Make a strict lifestyle plan for your husband, and make him follow that. 
  • Enjoy blissful moments with your husband, know each other again. Have a roller coaster ride towards all the memories in which you two have lived together. Enjoy foreplay if you also need that with your husband. This will increase his sexual desires and will signal his brain to release to the hormones. You can advise your husband to consult a doctor and take medicines like Fildena CT 100 MCG or Cenforce soft 100 Mg to get an erection which will last for a longer period. You can have the drugs from for him. 30 mins before sexual intercourse is the dosage timing and give this medicine to him as per prescribed doses. 
  • Don’t give up on him or leave him for just ED reason. To get a satisfying sexual life, it is crucial to take care of the overall health and have communication with each other. Find some other methods to satisfy each other, live a healthy lifestyle, and adjust your sexual expectations from him. These will keep your relationship with him smooth.

Hence, these are some of the roles every wife should play with her husband if he has erectile dysfunction. 

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