How Mobile Marketing Can Help a Startup to Grow?

Starting a business is not so easy as it seems to be, especially in this modern era of technology. Even once you go for a successful startup, it is not guaranteed that your business will survive and grow.

But yes, you can improve your chances of being successful. You can use modern technology to your advantage. You can go with mobile marketing. It lets you reach an audience from around the world in seconds. You can take the help of iOS and Android push notifications, SMS, emails, and so on to target users and increase sales.

So, want to know how to use mobile marketing effectively for growth?

Let us discuss this in detail.

Fast and Easy Mode: For a startup, it is not easy to build a customer base, especially when the competition is high. In this case, one of the best ways to attract the audience to your platform is through mobile marketing.

The thing is, most of the audience around the world owns mobile. According to ”Datareportal” currently, there are more than 5.27 billion unique mobile phone users in the world. The good thing about the mobile phone is, the audience likes to carry a mobile with them all the time.

This means you can reach them easily and instantly whenever you want. This gives you an upper edge over your competitors who still rely on traditional yet expensive marketing techniques.

Push Notifications: The power of push notifications can’t be neglected anymore especially when they have proven themselves in the past. Gone are those days when contact numbers are essential for reaching an audience.

Push notifications give you the ability to reach an audience around the world without contact numbers. You can reach them anytime you want through the internet. The good thing about push notifications is, you can target both iOS and Android users through iOS and Android push notifications.

They are effective as compared to many other marketing techniques as they carry rich media. This means you can add images, graphics, video, emojis, gifs, etc. Moreover, they are automated and can be personalized. This means you can target your user during their idle time and that too with the products and services of their interest. This will help you in boosting sales and business growth.

Mobile Apps: We are living in an era where the smartphone has become a necessity. This is why most businesses have shifted their focus to mobile apps. And why not so when about 80% of smartphone users like to access mobile apps on a daily basis.

Moreover, studies on the same have shown that mobile users like to browse three times more products on the apps than on the website. It is the rich experience on mobile apps that force them to stay longer than usual.

Mobile apps are not only known for selling products and services. They are also a source of marketing where you can reach your users anytime you want and vice versa. It helps to build a solid relationship with the audience that can help you to drive more sales.

Social Media: These days social media not only remains a source of communication with your known ones. It has developed a lot and has become a business hub. Haven’t you seen business ads while using YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc?

But, the fact that makes the difference is mobile marketing through social media. According to “Hootsuite” currently, there are more than 4.20 billion active social media users around the world. From these more than 4.15 billion users are accessing social media through their mobile devices. This accounts for about 98.8% of the total social media users.

You can use this platform to make a bond with an audience. This will not only help you attract a larger audience base but will also drive conversions for you.

SMS and Emails: You can’t say that SMSs and emails haven’t remained effective. They are still in use and are effective when you have to make a personal approach. SMSs carry 83% of the opening rate and 90% of them are read within 3 seconds. On the other hand, emails carry an opening rate of 16.22% with a click-through rate of 7.17%.

This means you can use business text messaging to your advantage by sending personalized SMS and emails. This will help you to create a solid relationship with your customers. This will help you to grow your business.

Conclusion: Mobile marketing is one of the economic yet effective techniques to target an audience. It gives you the freedom to reach your audience anytime you want. Moreover, you can grow your business through mobile apps that are setting up new records on a daily basis.

Kishan Rana

Kishan Rana is a SEO Consultant and professional Blogger. He has 5+ years of experience in SEO. He loves Blogging Very Much.

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