2 Key Ways Advertisement Influences People’s Purchasing Habits

Most people don’t need to go very far to come across various forms of advertisements. These individuals generally say they don’t pay too much attention to such publicity. However, prominent experts specializing in this field state they can’t ignore such information. The professionals explain it subconsciously appeals to their curiosity and influences their purchasing habits. This is a fact which they need to accept whether they like it or not. As a result, they end up buying product and services of certain brands over others.

Joe Cianciotto – How does advertisement consumers’ purchasing habits?

Joseph Cianciotto is a name to reckon with in the world of advertising and digital media. This Long Island resident is a Carnegie Mellon University graduate in visual communication. He has years of valuable experience under this belt. This due to a long association with 2 of the top advertising agencies in New York. These include DDB and D’Arcy Worldwide. The officials of such organizations credit him for successfully promoting the brands of Fortune 500 companies. For this, he has the distinction of being the recipient of many prestigious industry awards. This is recognition for this contribution in this field.

Joe Cianciotto says that advertisements have a huge impact on people’s lives and spending habits. However, they don’t always acknowledge this fact. Fortunately, those who are responsible for managing the marketing department of companies are aware of it. They do their utmost to exploit in an attempt to boost their organizations’ sales and profits. These managers believe it taking such a step is necessary. It takes them one step closer to ensuring their concern’s gain a competitive edge in the market. This is one aspect they don’t afford to overlook at any costs. He further points out 2 important ways advertisement influences the purchasing habits of consumers:

Generate brand awareness

 This is the first and probably the most important task of advertisement. People get knowledge of various products and services available in the market through promotional campaigns. These individuals become aware of the choices they can make. They can then spend their money according. At the end of the day, they just want to get the best deals at the most reasonable prices.

Marketing executives can use the various platform to broadcast such information to the general public. These could be in the form of direct mail, word of mouth, billboards, print, and visual media. Today, these professionals even harness the potential of the internet and social for such purpose.


 With the aid of various creative techniques in their advertisements, executives compel consumers to make comparisons. Through their promotional campaigns, these professionals are subconsciously conveying an important message to these people. They are proclaiming that their brand products are better than what is available in the market. This motivates these individuals to try out such goods instead of what they usually acquire. These shoppers may end up liking what they buy.

Joe Cianciotto clarifies advertisement has become an integral part of any capitalistic society. People who have doubts about this aspect. They just need to look above 2 important ways such publicity influences their purchasing habits. It can clear their misgivings. Marketers will always come up with innovative promotional campaigns to convince consumers to buy their brands.

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