Larry Polhill Talks About the Importance of Good Leadership and Management in Business

An efficient leadership and management are crucial to the growth and success of any business organization. A good management team goes a long way in aiding an organization to achieve its business goals by maximizing its productivity and revenue opportunities. In the opinion of Larry Polhill, a good management professional should have the capability to encourage the company employees to enhance their productivity level. Larry has worked as a management executive for several years and therefore is quite knowledgeable about the important role these professionals play in an organization. He highlights that the management team of a firm is largely responsible for ensuring that the company is able to reach its ultimate business goal.

Larry Polhill underlines the skills that every business manager should have

The competency of the business managers of an organization has a direct impact on the overall success of a firm. According to Larry Polhill,that business managers typically tend to be responsible for recruiting, retaining and encouraging the employees of a firm. Hence, it is important for them to have certain skills and talents that assist them to effectively deal with the diverse employees of the organization. Here are some of the skills that every business manager must have:


While some are born with a high level of patience, many have to develop this skill. In the chaotic corporate environment, it is important for management professionals to have a high level of patience in order to deal with the everyday office hassles with a calm mind. The ability to stay calm during the trying times of a business goes a long way in enabling managers to effectively deal with diverse concerns that might arise every day at an organization.

Good Communication

Good communication essentially encompasses a number of skills and talents. The ability of people to get along with others, as well as to persuade others comes under effective communication skills. It is important for managers to communicate with their employees in a clear fashion, so as to make sure that they properly understand the vision and mission of the company.


The aspect of flexibility basically underlines that a business manager should understand that there might be several different ways to complete a particular task. The managers should be open-minded in their approach, and try to think in an innovative manner. They should also be quick to adjust to the ever-changing and evolving corporate environment. Keeping up with the latest business trends is a quality that every manager must have.

As highlighted by Larry Polhill, professionals with good management skills would surely aid their relevant organization to achieve optimal success. Larry has years of experience in the domain of business management. He used to be a manager at Capital Foods, LLC, and subsequently served as an officer, Director, and financier at the renowned American Pacific Financial Corp. (APFC).  He also has quite an extensive experience in the domain of Mergers and Acquisitions, as well as Corporate Finance.

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