How and Why to Change the Locks On Your New Home

Soon after settling into your new home, you need to change the locks. Since you are not the first person occupying the place, it is impossible to know if there is another person with keys to the locks. With a new lock, you can be assured that no unauthorized person can gain entry into your house.

Businesses need to take security seriously. The easiest way for thieves to gain access to the premises is by picking locks. Businesses can store sensitive documents and expensive assets with Meyer office movers as they change locks to the new spaces. With background information on the importance of changing locks, let us look at the steps in changing locks.

How to Change Locks

You will require tools like a screwdriver and measuring tape to install new locks on your own. It is essential to change all the locks in the house. You can purchase a whole kit or have a locksmith rekey your door. Consider buying an identical lock to the previous one. However, you can opt to change the quality of locks by changing the brand. Here are some steps to changing locks by yourself;

  • Eliminate the padlocking system; the process involves unscrewing the parts fastened to the door. Most locks will have screws on the edges and placed on the inside of the system. Once the top layer is unscrewed, it will release the deadbolt and leave an open space for the new locking system.
  • Replace the deadbolt; replace the old deadbolt with a new one. They are usually marked to indicate the side that should go up. Read the instructional manual in or on the box to fix the parts properly. 
  • New System; after replacing the deadbolt, you can now fix other parts to complete the locking system. Screw the parts to make them hold firmly onto the door. 

Ensure that you test the locking system before and after putting it in position. It can be tasking to remove the system if the keys you are having are not opening the locks. 

Why New Home Owners Need to Change the Locks

Have you ever wondered how many people might be having copies of keys to your new home? An assumption can be costly when undertaking the initiative of change the locks. It is a priority to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Here is why you need to change the locks;

  • The former tenant might have lost one of his/her keys.
  • You do not know if there is any other person with a copy of the keys.
  • Previous occupants of the house might still be having keys to the doors.
  • Thieves might already have a master key to the door. It is essential to upgrade the system.


Changing the locks will enhance security against burglary and intrusion by strangers. The project to rekeying locks to your new home will render old keys useless. You can have a good sleep at night and have peace of mind when you are out of the house.

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