How to Use A Smartphone on Assurance Wireless?

Assurance Wireless is a federal assistance program meant to provide low-income households with free cell phone service. Since you are not deciding to buy the smartphone, you’re stuck with something device they come up with so that you can’t expect the phones to be the state-of-the-art and best smartphones in the market.

Assurance wireless is a program initiated by the Government. While Assurance refuses to permit smartphones of their application, the truth is that they use Virgin Mobile’s service (which makes use of Sprint) suggests that the functionality is in reality there. Essentially, the procedure is that a phone this is authorized for the pay as you go gadget you want to apply will become a “donor,” transferring the serial number and various settings from that smartphone to the one you need to apply. As a long way, you are using an approved pay as you go phone.

Assurance wireless plans come with mobile phones which are free and loaded with 350 minutes of free talk time and 500 MB of free data. If you need more than 350 minutes, then it is spotless to purchase more with your credit scorecard. All phone organizations at the Lifeline application provide free Government cellular phones to qualified customers. Now, of course, you can’t compare it with an advanced smartphone. However, there is a little chance that the devices offered may get an official upgrade soon as VoIP phone service has taken place all over the world, so the standard phone service at least for the needy will be much appreciated.

How do I Qualify for Assurance Wireless?

First of all, absolutely everyone is not eligible for the free phone service from Assurance Wireless. All assistance for the Lifeline program is given based on your gross own family profits. If your earnings are at or under the US Poverty Guidelines, you probably qualify for a free phone and service.

You may additionally qualify while you obtain assistance from specific authorities’ companies, along with SN, Medicaid, SSI, Section 8 Housing, etc.

Please check your state to see which gain program makes you eligible.   You can follow right on their internet site, or if you want a little assistance, you can call customer service, and they will aid you in submitting your application. Finally, you could also download print and mail or fax your application.

Assurance Wireless is supplying 3 forms of benefit packages: privileges in line with family, wireless advantages, and single wireline. You ought not to fear approximately the information on Assurance Wireless because the records are all on their internet site. Simply type for your city in the search box on their internet site, and you may discover if your town is blanketed by way of their services or now not.

How to Use, Upgrade Assurance Wireless Compatible Phone?

The first step is to perform a little study about which phones are well suited with Assurance Wireless. You can find this data on e-commerce web sites. Once you have got statistics, you may buy one either in a physical retail store or online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. Some of these phones are honestly vintage models. However, they’re nevertheless to be had for those folks who simply need a primary,yet purposeful phone.

If you need to get this phone to apply, you may visit the assurance wireless site and download the application or call their toll-free number to request an application be mailed to you. Your application must be accompanied via proof of profits by using submitting payment status, W-2 forms, or certification from the program you’re receiving assistance from.

In case you want an upgrade, call the customer service to check in case you qualify for an Assurance Wireless smartphone upgrade.

For detailed information, please check this blog: Assurance Wireless Phone Upgrade 2020 – Why & How?

There are plans like a free voice minutes 250 and 250 free texts, unlimited talk, text, and web with the aid of including $30 every month you may use, 1000 minutes and 1000 texts through adding $20 monthly, 500 minutes and 500 texts by way of adding $five consistent with month, 250 free voice minutes and 250 free texts brought each month. If you decide to choose the $five, $20, or the $30 plan after which pay for another service your choice, then you can add extra cash.

Google Voice Call Forwarding for Assurance Wireless

I do not suppose there may be a way that allows you to put your Assurance Wireless phone variety onto another smartphone. Google Voice cannot assist you in trying this both. You will not be capable of port your Assurance Wireless phone variety to Google Voice due to the fact the range isn’t yours.

Now, with google voice, you can make the phone ring while someone calls your Google Voice wide variety. Visit the Google Voice website, pick out a smartphone phone, and upload your Assurance Wireless phone as one of the forwarding numbers.By the way,this information has been found on some random website, so not sure if it works.

Next step is to share your Google Voice number, so even in case you get a unique Assurance phone in the future, you don’t have to fear about telling your friends a brand new number once more, due to the fact you may just upload the new range to Google Voice.


So long as you are eligible, the Assurance Wireless program offers you a free smartphone, 350 mins of free speak time, and limitless texts.Take benefit of Assurance Wireless with those Assurance Wireless compatible phones.

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