How To Activate Your Netflix Account Via

Read here guide on how to Activate Your Netflix Account Via

Having a Netflix account on your smartphone is not always fun, and activating the platform on your television might not always be easy. However, you can visit to activate your Netflix account on your television, especially if you are quarantined at home at the moment.

Consumption of digital content has reached an all-time high at present. If you ask your parents about binge-watching, they will be able to tell you some fond stories about how they bought their first television or how the family would often watch something together on weekends. 

Even a decade ago, people would binge-watch on weekends and discuss the show on Monday morning at work, but that picture has completely changed as more people started working from home when the global pandemic hit in 2020, the demand for digital content, especially on Netflix sky-rocketed.

Gone were the days when people would stream an episode while commuting to work or binge-watch shows only on weekends. Instead, people today want to access their Netflix accounts on all their devices – from smartphones to television, you can activate your Netflix on all your devices without a hassle. 


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Guide to Activate Your Netflix Account Via

Before activating your Netflix account via, it is essential to research all the subscription plans and sign up as a Netflix member. You can sign up as a Netflix member by following a few easy steps.

Signing Up On Netflix

Signing up on Netflix hardly takes a few minutes of your time and patience. So follow the steps mentioned below and access your own Netflix account today.

First, navigate to, the signup page for Netflix.

Go through all the available subscription plans and pick the perfect one for you. Netflix allows you to upgrade or downgrade your subscription plans at all times.

Open your Netflix account with the help of your email address and generate your password. It is not a problem if you forget your password. You can always change it through the ‘forget password’ button and the email address you used for signing up on Netflix.

The last step is to enter your payment details on the platform. Earlier, updating payment details once was enough since Netflix used to deduct monthly payments automatically, but now you have to update your payment details every month.

Activating Your Netflix Account Via

Now that you know how to create your own Netflix account, accessing it on all your devices is your next problem, and we are here to solve it. Follow the steps mentioned below and activate your Netflix account via on your smart TV today.

Firstly, open the Netflix home page on your television. Now either use your television remote to click or tap (in case smart touch is enabled on your device) on ‘internet@TV.’

A menu will appear on your screen. Now, choose Netflix from the list. After choosing Netflix, you will notice that a dropdown menu has appeared on the screen. Click on ‘sign in’ from this menu.

If the ‘sign in’ option does not appear on your screen, it is safe to select the ‘are you a Netflix member’ option and click on the ‘yes’ button to solve the issue.

Once you select sign in, a code will appear on your screen. This code is vital for activating your account on your chosen device, a television in this case.

Now, move back to and enter the code for activating your Netflix account on your television.

Once you have activated your Netflix account on your smart TV, install the application on your smartphone. Then, open the app and log in to with your account details.

The best part comes in the end. Once your account is created and activated, stream your favorite television series or a new movie on your new android TV whenever you want.


Netflix was a struggling baby when it first launched in 2013, and accessing it on devices through was a distant dream. However, the increase in regular, shorter content and interactions on social media influenced Netflix to make a radical move focusing on long narratives that people would enjoy alone or with some company.

At the moment, Netflix’s quality of digital content is better than ever before – a variety of shows constantly competing for the limited attention of the online target audience. This factor creates an urgency in consumers to watch as much as possible and keep up with the market trends. 

When movie theatres closed during the Pandemic, people anted to enjoy the experience of watching a movie at home. Thus as the demand for smart TVs rose in the market, the need to stream digital content on relatively larger screens also became popular with millennials and Gen Zs alike.

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