Best Hacks On How to View Private Instagram Accounts

Read here some Ways to View Private Instagram Profiles.

Instagram has attracted a huge audience in recent years. Doing some research on the Internet, we found out that there are several searches related to how to see someone’s private Instagram. From that moment on, we decided to help such people searching fruitlessly all over the internet. So if you’re here for the same, then we’ll assist you in the best manner possible. Just take a ride through our whole article and indeed, all your issues will be resolved.

Technically, there are numerous methods through which you can easily see someone’s private Instagram account. Also, there are many services out there that let you view private accounts. Some may offer services for a legit price while some may offer for free. Here, we have discussed the best ways for doing the task. Just follow us and ponder the question, how to see someone’s private Instagram account.


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Basic Methods- How to see someone’s private Instagram account

The methods mentioned here are those that require no apps or services and would easily answer your question, how to see someone’s private Instagram account.

Follow the account

If you’re new on Instagram and/or if you don’t know this yet, then this one’s for you. For viewing a private Instagram account, you can send a follow request and just wait for the person to accept it. If it’s accepted, you can view the whole profile, if not, try other methods.

Ask a friend

When you open an Instagram account, it automatically shows mutual followers and following. If you see/know the person who follows that private account, you can ask him/her and through that, you can see the private account. If there’s no mutual friend, then move on to the next method.

Create a fake account

Another method of seeing someone’s private Instagram account is by creating a fake account. You can either create any fake account or you can use the username and profile pic, if possible, of a known person whose follow request the private account owner would accept.

Check on Google or other platforms

Google may show some pictures of a person by searching his/her full name or the Instagram username. Sometimes, Google displays pictures of people having a private account on social media. If that doesn’t work, you can try checking the person’s account on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.


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Technical Methods to view private Instagram accounts instantly

Methods that require an app or two to be installed on your phone are listed here, in the Technical section. Go ahead and take a look at the best hacks to unlock a private Instagram account.

1: IGMods to view private Instagram accounts is a third-party application that offers tons of services apart from unlocking private Instagram accounts. If you’re eager to find a way out of how to view private instagram profile on iOS, then follow the below steps.

  • First of all, open your iPhone settings and go to General
  • Make sure the Background App Refresh is turned on
  • Now make sure that the low power mode is turned off in the battery section
  • Go to App Store and check if the auto-download is on
  • Now just go to and select View Private Account from there
  • After the page successfully loads, look for the Target Instagram Username box and enter the same in that
  • Click on Connect. That’ll make you confirm the username, so check it and then click Confirm
  • The process will take a minute or two. After that, you’ll get a prompt message saying that the account is unlocked
  • Finally, you can log in to your Instagram account and search for that private account. Now you’ll be able to view it.

FOR ANDROID USERS: Viewing a private Instagram account is much easier on Android as you don’t have to do any settings on it. Just start following the above steps from the one that says go to You can also follow the same for PC.

2: Instagram++ to View Private Instagram Profiles

Instagram++ is yet another extension-like application that allows you to view private Instagram accounts for free. Similar to the previous one, follow the below steps to unlock a private account on iOS.

  • Open General Settings of your iPhone and turn on Background App Refresh
  • Also, make sure that your phone’s Auto-Rotation is on
  • Now open and look for Instagram ++, if you can’t see it, search for it
  • Just click on Download and wait for it.
  • Now you will be asked to complete 2 tasks, to download two apps. Do that and you’re all set to see someone’s private Instagram account

FOR ANDROID USERS: If you use an Android smartphone, then just go to, download Instagram ++, and follow the same steps from thereon. Same to be followed for PC as well.

3: InjectBox to See Private Instagram Accounts

Using InjectBox, you can do many things including sneaking on private Instagram accounts. Just follow these below easy steps and you’re good to go.

  • Go to and look for Private Instagram Viewer
  • After opening that, you’ll see a box where you have to type the target username of the private account you want to access
  • Then, a confirmation page will be displayed. Check all the information and click Confirm
  • Now, you will have two choices. Either you can view the private account’s followers/following and posts/stories or you can unlock the account completely after doing a captcha
  • After choosing your desired option, there’s nothing else to do. You can now view the private account

4: UnlockPrivate to See Private Instagram Account

UnlockPrivate is a free application that will unlock any private Instagram account with ease. For Android phones, first, make sure that the power-saving mode and auto-rotation are OFF. For iOS users, make sure that Background App Refresh is ON and power-saving mode is OFF. After doing so, just follow the below steps.

  • First of all, open and look out for a Private Instagram Viewer
  • Go ahead and successfully install it on your phone
  • Next, open Instagram and open the private account you want to unlock
  • Simply press the home button, minimize Instagram, and open the UnlockPrivate app
  • Type the target username in the app and now open that Instagram page again
  • Refresh the account page and bingo, you’ll be able to see everything on that private Instagram account

Other similar apps for how to see someone’s private Instagram account

  • Feedsta
  • IGLookup
  • LikeCreeper
  • InstaLooker
  • Ghostegro
  • Private Insta

Conclusion On How to View Private Instagram Accounts

A while ago, we noticed that people are just so obsessed with social media sites, especially Instagram. Lately, while going through some queries related to Instagram, we got to know that many people search for how to see someone’s private Instagram. So we just decided to share the best information available. The nicest; ways through which you can see someone’s private Instagram account.

There are many apps and services out there for the task, but we have mentioned the best ones for you from EarthWeb. Many of them are frauds and don’t give you what they promised. But if you use apps that we mentioned here, then you will never face such issues. Besides, we have technically checked all the methods and apps. They’re 100% working at the time of writing this article. If there’s any problem, you can let us know. We are always happy to help.

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