Three at-home projects where you can use your new power tools!

Everyone gets excited when they get new hand tools or power tools for their garden shed. With plenty of outdoor projects in the yard or indoor projects involving home renovation, those who love DIY projects will get a real kick out of purchasing new tools for improved efficiency and speed on their upcoming projects.

Once you have bought new power tools for your tool belt, where do you start? Let’s see some of the best at-home projects you can embark on once you have the proper equipment. For those who are just beginning at DIY tasks, don’t worry – we have included at least one great project for newbies at home renovation and outdoor landscaping, click here to learn more about it..

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Three At-home projects that are ideal for your new power tools


For those who are new to carpentry or woodworking, getting the correct power tools is crucial to starting a project. The power tool you should purchase before beginning any woodworking adventure is a traditional cordless power drill. You can find plenty of power drills using online retailers or in-person shops.

Look for a power drill with a good reputation, like the Dewalt cordless drill, to ensure user confidence. A cordless drill is a must-have in every toolbox, providing you can drill holes in wood, push screws into wood, and remove any screws that have been improperly placed.

For those who are new to using cordless drills, you can try the Dewalt DWD210G electric cordless drill or a similar option online.

Interior Decorating

You may be hanging pictures, items on the wall, or other decorative pieces that require hammering nails into the tough wall for interior decorating. Instead of using a hand-held hammer that can take multiple tries to slam into the wall – or hit your hand in the process – you can use a framing nailer to simplify the process.

With a framing nailer, you can sink the nails into the rigid surface around 10x faster than using a manual hammer to get the job done. Try using the Dewalt DCN2 cordless framing nailer for beginner use.

Building furniture

For building wooden furniture and more complicated woodworking projects, you can use an orbital sander for sanding your project and smoothing out any rough edges. Try a corded sander, like the Dewalt DWE6423K, to prevent scratches and cuts from sharp wooden edges. Building furniture like chairs, tables, stools, cabinets, and dressers all require a high-quality tool to avoid accidents and make long-lasting products for your home.


Finding the right power tools to complete indoor and outdoor projects is essential to efficiency and safety. If you are new at buying home tools for gardening and interior decoration, researching the best brands and most reputable companies is crucial to choose safe and highly-reviewed products for your use.

When browsing online or in-person products, many companies produce hand-powered and power tools on the market. By comparing various companies, like Dewalt, to other options, you can ensure you are making the most educated decision.

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