4 DIY Home Improvement Ideas for When You’re Gearing up to Sell

As spring approaches, homeowners entering the housing market will have the advantage as home prices are high and competition is fierce for buyers. 

No matter how impressive your current property, all top-notch real estate agents emphasize the importance of updating your home prior to putting it on the market. If you want the best price for your home, you’d be remiss not to invest some time, funds, and energy into remodeling. 

If you don’t have the savings to hire professionals, don’t worry! There are plenty of minor updates that reap major rewards, so keep reading for some of the best DIY projects guaranteed to add value to your home.

Paint or spray paint your front door

First impressions are key — especially in the housing market. When your prospective buyers show up at your property, you’ll want them to immediately feel welcomed. Giving your front door a new coat of paint livens up your property’s exterior and it’s a great (and inexpensive way) to update your home.

The front door is a great place to add a pop of color to your property. Try a nice red, blue, or yellow to add some flavor to your exterior. 

If you’d rather make your job even easier by spray painting, you’ll be a bit more limited with color. Try a nice black or dark gray. In fact, homes with black front doors sell for $6,000 more on average, so this is an easy way to add value to your property. 

Think curb appeal: plant some flowers and undergo some yard maintenance

Buyers start forming an opinion on your property as soon as they pull in the driveway. If they’re greeted with dying grass, peeling paint, and a lack of flare — don’t expect them to put in an offer.

Taking on some simple yard maintenance and planting a nice flower bed in your front yard is an easy, inexpensive way to please your buyers. 

Get some new hardware for the kitchen

Sometimes painting outdated kitchen cabinets is more work and more expensive than simply replacing them. Plus, replacing the hardware will breathe new life into the space. 

This may seem like a daunting task, but all you really need is a screwdriver and some time and energy. Once you’ve completed this task, feel free to do the same in your bathrooms in order to truly impress your buyers. 

Paint your interior walls

Painting might seem like a simple task, but you’d be surprised how much a home’s value can increase by updating the interior walls with a new coat of paint. You can take the help of uk painting contractors for that task.

Stick to neutral colors and focus on the focal points of your property, like the kitchen and bathrooms. 

Once done, you may be ready to sell your property and start searching for your new home. Just remember, while handling some updates yourself is entirely possible, always contact a profession for any electrical or structural projects!

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