Herbal Remedy for Chronic Cold

Changing weather is the root cause for so many problems of cough, cold, sore throat and these all problems are mostly accompanied by fever. It gets so annoying because cold does not go away that easy, even with allopathic medicines. With herbal remedies, the problem of chronic cold can be easily solved.

Don’t let the nasty cold create issues in your daily life. Live it entirely, and in the best way possible and in case you still manage to catch a cold then a few remedies would help to tame the problem for you and make your issues go away.

Drink, drink, drink

Plenty of fluids help in breaking up the congestion, making your throat moist, helps keep you hydrated.

Water I the best fluid that will help flush out all the impurities and if not that then you can also try drinking fresh fruit juices, herbal teas, ginger ale, sports drinks, etc.

Ginger Tea

It will help in drying the drippy and the runny nose and this will aid in expelling the extreme phlegm from the respiratory tract. Soothe the common cold and speed up the recovery system.

Cinnamon, honey and lemon mask

Mix them all in good quantity,and this will help to cure a cold and cough.

In half spoon of honey add just a few drops of lemon and just a pinch of cinnamon. Have this syrup daily and help your immune system to fight cough and cold.

Milk and turmeric

Turmeric with its strong anti-oxidant properties will help treat your problems. Mix turmeric to a warm glass of milk and this would help you in sleeping and recover faster from a cough and cold.

Do gargle with salt water

Something you might have heard about now and then but trust me it is the best thing you could do to your irritated throat. Do gargles at leastthree times daily and it will give you instant relief.


Get relief from the stuffy nose with steam. With steam, the stuffy nose will get clean, and you will be able to breathe in the steam.

Buy a humidifier

Place a humidifier in your room as it will help retain moisture in the room and the warmth which is great for your cold.

Blow your nose whenever your nose feels too stuffy

People have the habit of sniffling the mucus back into their nose, and that is the worst habit. You need to make sure that your clear your nostril of this unwanted mucus. Just press your mucus.

But make sure not to blow too hard as this will only irritate your ear.

Try salt water rinse

Take 3 tsp of iodide-free salt and to this add 1 tsp of baking soda

Place the mixture into an airtight container

Add 1 t tablespoon of the mix to 8 ounces of lukewarm distilled or lukewarm water.

Stay warm and rest in your bed

Take lots of rest and stay cozy inside your bed. During cold, you need rest so that the immune system battles and fights against the problem of the body.

Spiced Tea

When you have prepared your tea to add ginger, tulsi and black pepper to it. All these ingredients play an important role in fighting cough and cold for you.

Amla/Indian Gooseberry

Indian gooseberry is a potent immunomodulator,and it helps fight against the various diseases. Even if you have one amladaily, then it will assistin providing numerous health benefits and simultaneously ensure that the liver functions properly and the blood circulation is improved.

Ginger and tulsi mixture

You need to extract the juice of ginger and to it add crushed tulsi leaves and then add honey. Consuming it will help in getting relief from cold.

Flaxseeds for cold and cough

Boil flaxseeds,and it swells and then strain the water.Then add a few drops of lime juice to it and then consume the solution for treating cold and cough.

Salt and ginger

Chop ginger into small pieces and to it add some salt. Now, chew these pieces,and this will cure your sore throat and fight cold and cough.

Saute garlic

Take a few garlic cloves and then saute them in ghee. Consume it when it is still warm. The final product that will be prepared is going to be bitter,but it will impact for a cough and the common cold.

Jaggery Solution

Boil water and add cumin, black pepper, jaggery. Let them steep all together and then consume this solution when it is warm.

 Carrot Juice

Fight the problem of common cold and cough.

Drink lukewarm water

Drink it as much frequency as you can as it will help combat the problem of common cold, sore throat and cough. Warm water reduces the problem of inflammation in the throat,and it will also help replenish the body fluids.

Syrup of onion and honey

If you have caught a nastycold, then the combination of both of these leads to the formation of yellow sputum. The solution will help to loosen the phlegm from the chest. It will also reduce the swelling from the throat and make your fatigue go away.


Mix two tablespoons of with a few drops of warm water and add lemon to it.

Honey helps in soothing,and the juice of lemon helps in congestion. Another way to eat this is by eating a spoonful of honey and spreading it on a snack.


The presence of menthol in peppermint helps in soothing the throat,and it acts as a decongestant which helps in breaking down the mucus. How to consume it?

Drink it in a tea or inhale it through vapors from a steaming bath.

To a pot of hot boiling water add 3-4 drops of peppermint oil. While inhaling steam cover your head with a towel so that the steam does not disperse.


Marshmallow is used since times memorial,and it helps treat cold and suppress throats. This herb is safe,andit soothes the irritation and coats the throat.

Any herbal remedy for chronic cold will help in solving the problem. These remedies will leave no side effects and will uproot the main problem.

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