Everything You Need to Know About Sony Xperia XZ4

Sony Xperia has been a brand that has won over several hearts since the time immemorial. It never disappoints the fans and buyers owing to its unique heavy look. Many smartphone brands have already taken to changing the look and feel. Sony Xperia believes in consistency and the look that sets it apart. After several Sony Xperia releases last year, we are looking forward to the release of Sony Xperia XZ4. The rumoured time is in March in the year 2019. Mobile World Congress will be the place where you can get the first look of Sony Xperia XZ4. Let us know more about the upcoming phone. Continue reading the blog.

Cost: Will it be cost effective?

It is true that the cost of every phone differs from one place to another. The cost depends on various factors. After XZ3, the price of which was 699 pounds and it went up to 100 pounds more in other countries such as the US. Comparing the trend, you may XZ4 expect the cost to be somewhere around that retail cost. In short, expect the price to be anywhere between 699 to 750 pounds. You will decide whether it is cost effective or not for you.

Latest Feature that we may expect

Buyers of Smartphone expect latest features with their launch. Now, there is no such news about Sony Xperia XZ4; however, something that can strike your attention is the processor. A processor that Smartphone industry swears by is Snapdragon. The last launch was Snapdragon 845. The upcoming Smartphone may come with Snapdragon 855. It is a high-end processor that will not disappoint you. We can wait and watch for the feature to feel the experience that will be world-class.

Design: The conventional or something new?

Not always do we like to use a similar designed phone. Sony Xperia has been known for its conventional design. With a lot of hype with the upcoming XZ4, you may expect the back panel to appear flat that curvy or any other design. The brand used a fingerprint sensor that was side-mounted. This may continue to please users with this new phone that will launch shortly. The XZ flagship didn’t have jacks for headphones. This may continue for the modern look in the upcoming Smartphone too.

The dimension of XZ4 will be 166.9 mm x 72.4 mm x 8.2 mm with a display screen of 6.5 inches. No notch is a rumour that we have heard of. There is also a rumour that the display will be 5 inches which may render it less popular. The sole reason is that users like bigger screen phones comparatively.

The Camera is one of the features that every Smartphone user wants to experience. Nowadays, people buy Smartphones considering the picture quality and the advanced features available in the inbuilt camera. As the phone that will launch in March is a flagship of XZ, we assume that there will be features that we have never heard of, in the past.

The camera may be a triple lens-rear one. This may excite the eagerly waiting users. We can keep our fingers crossed and see what the flagship has in store for us.

Points to Keep in Mind before buying Xperia XZ4

Not just Sony Xperia XZ4 but also other Smartphones buyers of different brands should be aware of a few points that will help you take the decision wisely.

  • Check if the reviews and rumours are more positive than negative. It gives you a clearer picture before giving up on your old Smartphones
  • Just Asking of Is there any screen replacement centre in the UK?” Well, people are fond of brands but screen is a delicate part of any phone and can make it worse if the screen is not working properly. Just like several iPhone 6 screen replacement centres in the UK, also find if there have been any for XZ flagship in the past. If there were, you can be sure that in case of any screen trouble, you can seek help and get instant result
  • Also check, if the price is compatible with the features that have been on display. If not, it is not worth buying

Buying a Smartphone is as big a decision as any other important lifestyle decision. We have the rumours in place for you. The final decision is yours.

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