A Quick Guide to OSRS Animal Magnetism

Any Ranged OSRS player would have problems with ammunition sooner or later. Ammo would either break on impact or drop on the floor, requiring you to pick them up after combat. Little things add up to big things, and you lose efficiency when you have to spend time picking up your ammunition of choice. That’s wasted time if you’re farming OSRS gold, or grinding for an item.

When you do the quest Animal Magnetism, however, you’ll get something that will collect your ammo for you.

Quest Requirements


  • The Restless Ghost
  • Ernest the Chicken
  • Priest in Peril

Skills (unboostable):

  • 18 Slayer
  • 19 Crafting
  • 30 Ranged
  • 35 Woodcutting


  • Mithril Axe
  • 5 Iron Bars
  • Ghostspeak Amulet
  • 20 Ecto-tokens (or 4 bones, 4 empty buckets, 4 empty pots for making the tokens)
  • Hammer
  • Hard Leather
  • Holy Symbol
  • Polished Buttons


  • Amulet of Glory or Draynor Manor teleport tablets
  • Games Necklace or Burthorpe Games Room teleport in the Minigame Group Finder
  • Ectophial or Fenkenstrain’s Castle teleport tablet
  • 1300 coins for the ship from Port Sarim to Port Phasmatys (alternatively, a Varrock teleport tablet)
  • Skills Necklace to the Crafting Guild or Teleport to House tablets (if house is in Rimmington)

Quest Steps

Talk to Ava in the Draynor Manor. After some dialogue, she asks for two undead chickens. Find the chickens in a farm west of Ectofuntus in Morytania. Talk to Alice (make sure you have the Ghostspeak Amulet and tokens or materials for them in your inventory).

Go back and forth Alice and her husband until he asks you to have the Old Crone make an amulet for him. The crone stays in a small house east of the Slayer Tower. Talk to her twice and get the amulet. Give it to the husband, watch the cutscene, and buy the chickens.

Deliver the chickens to Ava, and she asks for a magnet next. There’s a witch in the northwest corner of the manor who gives you a Selected Iron in exchange for your 5 Iron Bars. She also gives you instructions to turn it into a magnet.

With the Selected Iron in your inventory, go to the center of the mine in Rimmington. Face north and use a hammer on the iron (it will not work if not facing north). You may get a Mithril Axe if you have not done so yet.

Return to Ava with the magnet. She tells you to get undead twigs next. The game wants you to get the twigs from those trees that attack you, not the inert dead trees you can chop. It fails the first time you try. Tell Ava about it and she’ll ask you to go to Turael for a solution.

Find him in Burthorpe, to the southeast. He transforms your Mithril Axe into a Blessed Axe if you have a Holy Symbol. Once you get the Blessed Axe, go back to Draynor Manor and chop those trees. If you have a low Slayer Level you may fail to get the twigs. Just try again until you do so.

With the twigs, go back to Ava. The last thing she asks you to do is to translate her research notes. When you open her notes from your inventory, there are buttons on the bottom. Leave the second, fifth, and last buttons green by clicking the others.

Exit the window and talk to Ava. She gives you a pattern for a container to complete the device. Make the container and give it to her. With that, you’ve completed the quest!

Quest Rewards

You’ll get:

  • A Quest Point
  • 1000 XP each for Crafting, Fletching, and Slayer
  • 2500 XP for Woodcutting
  • Blessed Axe
  • Ava’s Device

The last one is variable, depending on your Ranged level. If you have less than 50, you get Ava’s Attractor. Otherwise, you’ll get Ava’s Accumulator. The latter has a better chance of retrieving ammunition as well as a higher Ranged bonus.

Additional Notes

You may upgrade the former to the latter. When you have level 50 or more Ranged and 75 steel arrows, talk to Ava to do so. After completing Dragon Slayer II, you may upgrade your Accumulator further. With at least 70 Ranged, give Ava Vorkath’s head and 75 Mithril Arrows. You’ll get Ava’s Assembler, which has superior Ranged bonuses as well as defense bonuses. It also guarantees to get your ammo back, provided it didn’t break.

With Ava’s Assembler, you may do one further (cosmetic) upgrade. Fuse it with a Max Cape to get the Assembler Max Cape. Like other variants, it has the effects, stats, and bonuses of the fused item, not those of the Max Cape.

Any of Ava’s devices are not tradeable. That means you can’t make OSRS gold selling them, nor can you spend OSRS gold buying them. If you lost them for any reason, Ava can replace them for an OSRS gold fee. Ava’s Assembler, however, you have to upgrade from an Accumulator again.

That also means you have to do this quest to get the item the first time. You need it to save up on spending for ammunition as well as your time. You need it to farm efficiently. Subsequently, that lets you sell OSRS gold for those who want to buy OSRS gold.

Have fun doing OSRS Animal Magnetism!

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