Can You Get High Exchange Rate, Zero Fee And Prizes At The Same Time? 

Two major players in the finance and remittances sector have collaborated to sponsor the chance of a lifetime for its client base. ACE Money Transfer and Bank Alfalah have combined forces to launch a campaign expected to cause a surge in international money transfer to Pakistan

The united drive will help customers manage the transfer of funds from foreign countries to Pakistan with effortless simplicity and convenience while providing customers with a chance to grab unbelievable prizes. 

International Money Transfer In Minutes

ACE Money Transfer is a market-leading pioneer known for its reliable, efficient handling of international transactions worldwide. With a global reach of more than 100 countries, ACE operates from its headquarters in the UK with operations across Europe and Australia. 

Bank Alfalah is one of the most prominent banks currently operating in Pakistan, with an extended network of more than 700 branches spread across 200 cities in the country. 

Customers who send money to Pakistan via ACE Money Transfer in the Bank Alfalah account of the beneficiary, both remitter and recipient, will get the chance to avail an opportunity to win whooping prizes as a bonus. 

The details were announced earlier this month, with the lucky winners receiving the following prizes: 

  1. Bumper Prize – 20 tolas (x3 winners) 
  2. Secondary Prize- 5 tolas gold biscuits/ bars (x6 winners) 
  3. Runner-up PrizesiPhone 12 PRO – 128 GB (x12 winners)

There will be a total of three grand winners, who will receive 234 grams or 20 tolas of gold, whereas six lucky winners will get 58.5 grams or five tolas of gold. Another total of twelve lucky winners will qualify for the state-of-the-art iPhone 12 PRO-128 GB. 

Unrivalled Remittance Experience 

ACE Money Transfer goes to the limit in providing an unmatchable experience for its clients in terms of international remittances. Being the business leader for the past 20 years, ACE helps millions worldwide share finances and happiness, hope, and gratification. 

Usually, sending money to Pakistan entails high costs where the customer pays for tax with poor exchange rates. ACE Money Transfer ensures customers are provided with the most competitive exchange rates and the lowest transaction costs possible. 

To accommodate customers with the best possible metrics, ACE has digitized its operations infrastructure entirely with the most reliable, modern technologies available. Also, ACE is one of the few remittance service providers working exclusively on a digital platform. Users can manage all fund transfers/ remittances with a smartphone, tablet, or laptop from anywhere.

The more transactions made, the higher the chances of winning impressive prizes, including gold.  ACE Money Transfer and Bank Alfalah’s offer stands valid between March 24 to June 30, 2021. So get going and maximize chances of winnings with as many transactions as possible.

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