Figgers F3: First 5G Smartphone Made In The USA

Are you looking for a 5G smartphone in the USA?

Well! Then you are on the right track. Figgers F3 is the first 5G smartphone made in America with wireless charging. I think you have listened to this Friggers term for the first time. Huh! Let me clear you.

Figgers is a telecommunications organization established in 2009. The company presently gives mobile phone calling and internet plans, with a low price unlimited $165/month plan for infinite universal roaming, calling, and internet services for all countries. In 2014, the company originated it’s first mobile phone named the Figgers F1.

What is unique about this phone? Well! This phone would identify vehicle movement over 10 miles per hour and automatically start a safe mode to stop texting while driving. The CEO of the company named Freddie Figgers, a self-made software engineer, has released the newest smartphone, i.e., Figgers F3.

History Behind The CEO Of Figgers

As mentioned earlier, Freddie Figgers is the CEO of the Figgers communications company. There is an exciting story behind this person. Freddie was dropped when he was born, but he was adopted by a caring family when he was just 2-days old. He was a unique and talented child. While he was only 9-years old, he took his first computer. Sadly, it was crushed; after many struggles, Freddie was capable of making it runnable.

Then he went into the health business because of his dad. He had dementia and was absent-minded. Sometimes he would also forget to wear clothes, whereas sometimes he would walk off. To track his locations, Freddie designed smart footwear for his dad with a GPS tracking in the single two-way communicator.

He got his first computer specialist job when he was 12 years old. Later on, when he was 15, he began his cloud computing business. He entirely leaves his school because of the job he was given. He designed a system software application, which he sold and got some money. At 24 years old, he made 80 software programs.

All these creativity points to the origin of Figgers Communications. Presently he has 2 design and 4 utility patents in the business.

Why Choose Figgers Telecommunications?

  • This is not like an average telecommunication business; it is different because they build their own handsets.
  • In 2014 this company launched its first smartphone: Figgers F1, which comes with a unique feature that can easily track your driving movements and immediately enable a safe mode.
  • Then Figgers Telecommunications comes with another smartphone named Figgers F2 that is also launched with unique features like a wireless blood glucose meter, safe driving mode, long-lasting battery life, and many more.
  • Now this company comes with the first 5G smartphone made in the USA, i.e., Figgers F3. This phone has a super base charger that can charge your phone wirelessly.
  • This company also offers F-buds, F-speaker, smart TV, and some accessories.
  • Figgers Communication is one of the nation’s biggest African-American mobile phone businesses and networks and is one of the country’s rare companies that make its phone.

Features Of Figgers F3

Dual Sim

F3 allows Dual-SIM open LTE for all primary GSM transmitters. It will permit you to configure the related phone as your marketing and personal mobile phone. It will keep your data safe and your private information off from unwanted sights. You can use two phone numbers with F3 Dual-SIM ability. The F3 facial identification and fingerprint scanner make getting access to user profiles and applications.


F3 comes with the most strong and state of the art materials to build stylish and durable products made for everyday experiences. The F3 is made to endure hard breakdowns and Nano-coating technology for water protection.

Use Anywhere Globally

Encounter real global franchise with the F3’s innovative various LTE Band capacity. Never turn phones over. The F3 appears furnished with a biting edge wire that runs with all LTE networks’ global companies. It enables you to use your phone almost anywhere globally and use it with any portable transmitter.

5G SmartPhone

Only the 1TB F3 comes furnished with the globally 5G available phone to relate and give approx. 10x quicker data transfers than other 4G smartphones. It implies a much smoother encounter from online gaming, streaming shows to live real video gathering calls without using wifi.

Fantastic Camera

F3 comes with Dual 16 Megapixel Cameras with 8-megapixel optical zoom. Capture beautiful portrait photos in general layering. F3 will pleasure your senses by taking each picture in great precision and elaborate detail. Every captured image has in-depth details sending a compelling tale all on its own.

Unlimited Storage

F3 comes in two storage types 128gb or 1Tb, i.e., the highest of any smartphone. You can easily store unlimited photos and videos in Friggers F3 smartphone.

Long-lasting Battery Life

The F3 phone is based on the latest AI performance and the application monitoring method that extends battery usage. They know every customer is different, and their AI forms your profile, assuring your most-used and downloaded applications always have sufficient power and long-lasting battery life.

Privacy And Security

Various authentication alternatives permit more options available in the F3 smartphone. It builds on early safety choices like passwords, pin, pattern, Facial identification, and Fingerprint sensor. Facial identification is simple and straightforward to fix up. The biometric sensor is on the mobile phone’s back, so no more blemishes on your screen.

Super Base Charger

The most exciting point regarding this phone is the Super Base charger. It can wirelessly charge the F3 phone when it appears in a 5-meter reach of the charger.

Track Health Goals

Users can easily track their health aims and progress with Figgers F3 smartphone’s health applications. It also has the ability to translate across 100 languages.

Final Views

After summarizing our findings, it is concluded that Figgers Telecommunications is an excellent company and gives outstanding services globally. The company is well known for its smartphones and its unique features. Their plans and services are cost-effective and easily affordable. The best thing, for now, is their Figgers F3 smartphone that comes with amazing features.

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