With smoother online applications for Government services the number of people applying are increasing

Applying for a document through the Government application form can be quite challenging since there is plenty of supporting documentation to be provided. Since the process is quite complicated, many people do not get through the application process in India, which is inexcusable since the documents that they are applying for mandatory and not having them could have a significant impact on their life. When it comes to birth certificates, the child’s parents should apply for it since it is a mandatory document that they need at every juncture of their lives. Additionally, the health centre or hospital where the child was born assists with the process, with rare instances where they do not but always point the parents in the right direction to get it done. A giant chunk of the population in rural India do not see a massive value add in a birth certificate since the paperwork seems quite tedious and taxing. Additionally, not everyone in rural India knows how to get through the forms since, for the longest time they had to fill them in person.

The Indian Government, with their new eGovernance initiative, have started taking these processes online to make them easier to get through for most people. Furthermore, through the website, they are also creating awareness about the processes, and how important they are. There is a high chance that children who do not have birth certificates end up working in illegal jobs. The main reason being they technically do not have an identity and do not exist from the Government’s point of view, not even in the position to receive any Government benefits.

Death certificates also work the same way with the loved ones of the deceased individual who find it challenging to get their paperwork sorted. Furthermore, the application process is quite simple but needs some running around, usually done through the office of the Panchayat or Municipality who coordinates with the Registrar of Births and Deaths.

With the eGovernance initiative, applicants can use the online portals for all changes and coordination with these offices. These changes imply that people can not only get their information that they are looking for, but they can download the list of supporting documents and application forms as well. Furthermore, the websites do not only assist with the application processes for a birth and death certificate, but there are various other tasks as well. If people misplaced their documents, they can apply for new ones through the online portal. They can even use the same portal if they are planning on making changes to the certificates that they have since there are spelling errors or typos. Overall, the website is a one-stop-shop for everything relating to the Government application processes. The Government is planning on using the same websites to add more features for the same.

They have also taken the passport application process online, but not directly coordinating it with the Government since various Indian states have multiple agencies who assist with facilitating an easy and faster passport application process. Depending on which Indian state an applicant is applying for their passport, they would find the process slightly different with TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) coordinating it in several of them.

While agencies are coordinating the passport application process, like many other Government processes, they cannot assign a passport without running all the information through the Passport office. They do assist with the streamlining the process and having meetings and regular updates with the applicants so that they find the process convenient. Passport applications are available online and the portal assists with other aspects as well including renewing it which is periodically required since applicants would not be able to travel from one country t anther with an expired passport. They cannot even apply for visas if their passports do not have a specific amount of time to their expiration date.

Overall, the online approach to application processes that people were staying away from is increasing the number of applicants. With an easy and convenient process, people are finding it easier to get through. Additionally, understanding the benefits encourages more people to get through it since they are directly receiving the benefits of working through the system.

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