Learn Why You Feel Excessive Pain in Your Elbow after Injuries 

Your elbow performs multiple functions like lifting, throwing, hugging, and swinging things. You can do these activities when there is no pain in your elbow joint. However, when you have an injury due to some sports like playing tennis, things get complicated. According to an article published in Huffington Post, tennis elbow is a condition common in people involved in sports requiring extending and twisting of their wrist against some resistance. 

Elbow pain occurs when you had a recent injury or when you have medical conditions like arthritis, gout, lupus, etc. In this article through, we will discuss elbow pain due to injuries. 

One-time wound or injury

A few injuries once in a while when you fall or hit while playing some game. These include: 

Fractured elbow

When one of the arm bones breaks in your elbow, you will possibly have a bone fracture. It occurs due to some unexpected blow when you’re engaged in some contact sport or even had an accident. Even if you can move your elbow after an injury, don’t think that all is fine. You may start feeling the pain later due to bone fraction. And in such a case, get in touch with a medical expert without delay. 

Dislocated elbow

The bones form the elbow, and one of them is moved from its place, and you feel pain due to a dislocated elbow. The common cause is when you try catching yourself while falling and putting your hand out. The condition is also common in toddlers when you swing the baby using their forearms. This is known as the nursemaid’s elbow. So, if you feel that your infant has a dislocated elbow, get in touch with a pain therapist immediately QC Kinetix (Winston-Salem). For the location, please click: 

Sprains and strains

When you try to stretch too far to push a heavy object, your elbow muscles might get torn or stretched. This is what you call a strain. Again, if it’s your ligament, it’s called a sprain. A strain is painful and it happens when you apply excessive pressure on the muscles of your elbow. Examples are when you lift very heavy items or overdoing sports activities. 

As far as elbow sprain is concerned, it’s more common in a sportsperson using racquets, throwing balls, or being involved in contact sports. Both sprains and strains are treated with an ice pack and rest. Once the pain and discomfort are gone, you should continue with strength and stretch exercises. 

Tennis or golfer’s elbow

When you have one of these conditions, it means you have tendinosis or tendinopathy. There’s damage in the tendons of your elbow due to overexertion. Though the name is tennis or golfer’s elbow, the condition is not just limited to golfers or tennis players. When the pain is still there after exercise, get in touch with a medical professional. 


Minor elbow pain is treated with exercises but if it’s excruciating and stubborn, the best solution is the help of a pain therapist or regenerative therapy near you. 

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