The Do’s And Don’ts Of Kitchen Knife Care

As a home cook, you don’t need an extensive range of kitchen knives, but basic knives are essential even in a minimalist kitchen. But even so, it’s crucial to care for the ones you do have properly. If you don’t, your kitchen knives won’t last long, and you’ll need to replace them regularly.

Kitchen knives can’t be treated the same as other essential utensils. Knives require special care, proper storage, and individual cleaning.  

So, we’ve rounded up some essential tips for proper kitchen knife care.

Keeping The Blades Sharp

The single most crucial factor in proper knife care is sharpening. Not only can a dull and blunt knife make food preparation a frustrating nightmare, but it will also make handling your knives riskier. Contrary to what you might think, a dull knife is significantly more dangerous than a sharp one. 

In terms of sharpening, you’ll need a whetstone or honing steel. Learning to use a whetstone is somewhat more challenging. Although, there are tons of guides online that can help you figure it out. 

On the other hand, honing is much easier. Honing steel or a honing rod is straightforward to work with, and these tools are relatively priced. 

Use A Chopping Board

Chopping ingredients on a bare countertop is never a good idea. Not only will you be blunting your knives, but you’ll also damage your countertop over time. 

The kind of chopping board you use is not entirely important, although you will find it worthwhile to invest in a quality board that lasts long. 

Cleaning Your Knives

Most home cooks make the mistake of cleaning knives the wrong way. Unfortunately, you can’t toss them in the dishwasher like you do your other utensils. When washing knives in the dishwasher, they are exposed to an immense amount of potential damage. With all the rattling and shaking, it’s easy to understand why. 

It’s best to wash kitchen knives by hand in the sink. Moreover, be sure to rinse your knives with warm water after hand-washing to remove any dishwasher residue. 

Proper Knife Storage

The worst way to store your kitchen knives is to toss them in the drawer along with your other utensils. This mistake can dull the blades and cause damage. 

Instead, it’s essential to use a knife storage block that protects the blades. Alternatively, you can also consider using a magnetic knife strip. There’s no right or wrong when choosing between a storage block and a magnetic strip as this boils down to preference. 

Now that you know how to clean, store, and care for your kitchen knives properly, you can rest assured they will last quite some time. That said, if you invest in a set of high-end kitchen knives, you can be sure they will last forever with the right care and cleaning. 

If you’re thinking of investing in a high-quality set of kitchen knives, it is worthwhile to look into a buying guide to purchase a set that’s suitable and capable of lasting a lifetime. 

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