How To Develop Your Own Chatbot

Sometimes referred to as a “chatterbox”, chatbots are A.I. systems that we collaborate with the use of text or voice. Interactions with chatbots can be straightforward, such as asking the chatbot about the weather report, or to an even more complex problem like having the bot troubleshoot a problem with your internet connection.

There are two types of chatbots, the Rule-based chatbots, and the AI-based chatbots. A rule-based chatbot is equipped with a list of answers for a set of queries, while AI-based chatbots learn freely based on data provided and continue improving based on previous communications.

Starting From Scratch

Most people that had an interest in chatbots have questions about ways of creating it and looking for the best ways of creating a chatbot. And most of them are eager to know how to make one from scratch so that they can do it on their own.

If you have heard many things about chatbots, but you have no clue on how to start developing them. Many chatbots platforms make it difficult to choose the right platform. In the next few minutes, you will have all the means to build a chatbot.


Artificial Intelligence Based chatbots Opportunities

Everything depends on what you want to accomplish with your chatbot. The most common purpose would be to automate the processes to gain efficiency and accuracy. But where would you want it implemented? What processes can the chatbot simplify?

Vast opportunities for any technology, or this instance chatbots, is to clear up operational challenges and then break down things clearly from the big data. Solving complexities will contribute to businesses that regard effectiveness, efficiency, and innovation. More insights regarding this topic all reside in


Understanding the Goals of Customers

Try to know what your customers expect from you. You can answer this question simply if you already have a website or mobile app. One of the goals of the development of chatbots is to reduce the need for human customer service agents to clarify simple customer inquiries.

Understand how your customers engage with you whether by email, chat, phone, social media, forum, or some other forms of communication. Study what actions does your customers perform and how do they enter your channel for sales. Identify what kind of expectations for your sales and customer service department.


Designing A Chatbot Conversation

The designer of the conversation has to understand both the human brain and the artificial brain. And the designer has to use techniques in copywriting making sure that both sides understand each other.

As industries and companies continue to use chatbots to automate their sales and customer services to reduce expenditure without harming customer experiences. When the program designer already knows about the goals, they can now layout a conversation as we categorize interactions as structured and unstructured.

Structured Interaction

Structured communication is used to describe frameworks for interactions between a machine and an individual. If you already know this type of interaction, you will know what will be asked by the customers so you can design it more easily.

Unstructured Interaction

The flow of conversation in an unstructured interaction consists of plain text in freestyle. It is really hard to anticipate what queries will emerge, thus how artificial intelligence comes into play. AI deciphers the communication it had based on its analysis and provide a more efficient response.


Developing the chatbots

There are two ways to develop a chatbot. With the use of non-coding frameworks and with the use of code-based frameworks. If you want to have hands-on experience, there are chatbots builder platforms such as Chatfuel or Botsify. But if you want to create using code-based frameworks, you would need to understand programming languages.

Non-Coding Frameworks

With the use of chatbots builder platforms, it is a lot easier to create one to have hands-on experience in building a chatbot from the ground up. With easy to use resources and also with a drag and drop feature which makes it an ideal platform for beginners or businesses that would want a chatbot to perform basic tasks.

Code-Based Frameworks

Creating chatbots with the use of programming languages gives more freedom to modify the chatbots to your extent. In programming, there’s a code called a Markov chain, in which it describes a sequence of possible events, and each event is dependent on the previous event.



Chatbots can be either a general-purpose or an all-inclusive one. Comprehending the type of work or complication you want your chatbot to solve or insights that you want to penetrate, you could make the right choice. However, a choice might be demanding more hands-on work or an expert AI chatbot developer.

With companies and industries using chatbots, targeted potential customers are now easy by offering information in respect of the day or time. Because chatbots are less inclined to errors, thus, the better experiences customers establish to have a better brand.

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