The Benefits of Using Cannabis For Brain Function

Cannabis users will tell you that using it comes with many benefits. The statement might be right. Recent studies have shown that there are so many benefits to brain function to using marijuana.

A recent study in the United States found that around 22.2 million people use cannabis. These individuals are aged 12 and older.  With the prevalent use, scientific backing for the benefits of marijuana use is now necessary. If you’re in Canada, you can easily purchase marijuana from bc dispensary online.

In order to learn more on the topic, we invited the experts from Micro Lab Farms who will share more details on the subject.

In terms of long term benefits, a recent study has proven that marijuana use is excellent. When used in the early part of life or the teenage years of the individual could lead to better stress handling in later life.

The study shows that once exposed to delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the brain has better resilience to stress. This fact was found out by exposing unborn rats to THC and later on studying the effects of the exposure.

The study also shows that the use of cannabinoids enhances the formation of the brain and increased activity development. The physical alterations in the brain have positive effects on proper life planning, decision-making processes, and self-control.

Some studies show how components of marijuana treat the brain function in handling pain. Patients or individuals with chronic pain could greatly benefit from using cannabis since it deals with pain tolerance. The product, in layman’s terms, gets you high, so you forget about the pain.

Creativity is also said to get heightened with the use of this plant. This result has been attested to by artists who use marijuana while creating their art.

The severe conditions of epileptic seizures are also known to be addressed by marijuana use. The brain synapses that are affected by epileptic seizures have more control when the individual uses marijuana.

As unsupported by empirical data as the previous paragraph may sound, it is scientifically proven. This main benefit of cannabis use is perhaps one of the most significant discoveries this decade. This reason is also one of the main factors why some states decide to legalize the use of the substance.

A study conducted back in 2006 has also shown the significant impact of marijuana use on Alzheimer’s disease patients. It gets said that the use of weed reduces the progression of the disease. Scientists today are hoping that this benefit could lead to the prevention of the disease in the future.

Another critical study on marijuana got conducted by the European Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology. The researchers have found that with the use of marijuana, around 86% of their patients in the group completed their Hepatitis C therapy and are showing significant progress.

Cannabis use is also said to reduce the growth and culture of cancer cells. In a study conducted back in 2007, it was found out by the California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, that the use of cannabis and its components altogether stops the growth and culture of cancer cells.

Another study back in 2014 has proven that cannabis can reduce cancer cells in the brain by decreasing the tumor by 80%.

This development is suitable for those who have cancer as well as cancer prevention. Of course, this part is just a study and needs to get further validation by more scientific studies.

In low doses, some studies have also proven that marijuana use can reduce anxiety in diagnosed patients. Of course, emphasis should get placed in the term small doses. Any great purpose of this substance can lead to abuse and further anxiety and paranoia.

Another benefit of marijuana that is backed by science is its effect on the immune system. Studies have shown that the continued use of the substance could help individuals in their immune system issues. The University of Nottingham confirmed this fact.

Finally, another study on marijuana shows that it can help the brain act better in the face of sugar. Sugar is a known culprit in obesity and Diabetes. With the help of cannabis, the individual can reduce their sugar consumption and have more and better control over their sugar intake.

 Final words :  The best thing that you can do is to read more research so you can learn more about the benefits. There are so many scientific studies that have proven the goodness that marijuana use can bring. Keep in mind that these studies are from reputable and known universities. These institutions would not put their name on the line for something that is not proven.

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