How To Develop An App Like Dropbox Through SAAS?

Earlier when people required copying important files to their devices, they would need a pen drive or a CD. Transferring data in this manner was no less than a hassle. A lot of investment went into the purchasing, managing & exchanging the peripheral memory spaces for the purpose of sharing data. But now the scenario is different & better with the emergence of cloud storage platforms. Not only this technology substitutes external memory spaces but also people can store a massive amount of data at a single place.

As a matter of fact, the cloud storage current market is anticipated to grow from approximately $21.17B in the year of 2015 to around $97.41B by 2022. Dropbox is one such name in today’s cloud storage market that makes sharing & accessing data highly convenient. So are you thinking how to build an app like Dropbox? A mobile app development company can help you build a cloud storage application. When you invest in this market, the returns will always be rewarding. Do not feel overwhelmed because as you hire Android app developers & hire iOS app developers, the application development process becomes even more seamless. 

Few staggering statistics worth learning

If you find yourself seeking answers for how to build an app like Dropbox, you must know the industry you are stepping into. Also, you must research for knowing how much prospects are there if you move forward for creating a clone app.

More than 400,000 teams present utilize the services of Dropbox business

More than 1.2 billion files are uploaded in Dropbox on a daily basis

Every second more than 4,000 edits are carried out in Dropbox

Dropbox paying consumers in 2020 include more than 14.6 million consumers

In 2019, Dropbox bagged the annual revenue of $1.661 billion

Dropbox is utilized in more than 180 countries

More than 10,000 servers are employed by Dropbox

Brief information on Dropbox

An app like Dropbox can magnify all your career prospects if you know how to do it correctly. To know how to build an app like Dropbox, you must learn the source of such noteworthy cloud storage solutions.

This file hosting service dates back to 2007 with its founders Arash Ferdowsi & Drew Houston. Not just cloud storage but the app offers services like client software, personal cloud and file synchronization as well. Dropbox is accessible in the form of an iOS & Android mobile application as well as website interface. Users benefit from 2GB free space on cloud with this application. Dropbox is noteworthy for its feature known as Dropbox Plus as well with which the cloud storage extends to 2TB. Users can avail services like automatic camera roll backup & offline access just for $9.99 every month.

How can Dropbox help people?

Dropbox app SaaS is popular in the current times for a set of valid reasons. It is a cloud storage app that is unique & is able to help people like no other app ever has. Developing a free app like Dropbox will enable you to help your clients, customers, associates in the ways as listed below:

Dropbox only renders cloud storage service to spaces where the data is spread on a multitude of servers and have complete protection from destructive malwares. Users can also tap into a safe experience as they can benefit from the application service of computerized and programmed snapshots.

When you think is Dropbox app free, it definitely is & this is one of the best things about it. Users can benefit from exclusive cloud services absolutely for free and can also opt for a premium model for availing upgraded services. Users no longer need to invest in purchasing external storage devices such as hard disks & pen drives.

If you talk about other apps like Dropbox or the one you are going to bring to the limelight, these help in combating challenges that arise from disorganization & inconvenience. Users can now get their tasks done by dropping & dragging files, sharing files with others, keeping the files organized, adding labels & a lot more. No longer will they depend on just external memory disks.

Earlier could you think of bringing an entire team into one single file? Felt impossible at that time right? But not anymore as Dropbox app for Android and Dropbox app for Windows solve problems like this seamlessly. The app like Dropbox that you develop must also be able to put forward the option of accessing & editing the same file on various platforms & at the same time to users. Even if the users are in various parts of the globe, they can easily get their jobs done by collaborating with small or big teams.

Features must in Dropbox app Google Play

With the help of Dropbox app developers of a reputed mobile app development company, building an app like Dropbox is a piece of cake. Don’t feel overwhelmed when you think about how to build an app like Dropbox. However, it is important that you do not miss out on important features for integration in the app. Learn about the must-have features without which you cannot offer users the best experience.

Crafting a folder or a document – In your Dropbox like application, you must enable users in forming a folder or document where they can stock up information for storing on Cloud.

Clicking images – Users with this feature can easily click photos & upload on Cloud & on real-time basis.

Uploading videos, files and photos – Users after saving video, documents or photos on the local device can easily upload these on Cloud with this feature.

Document scanning – With Dropbox it is possible to scan a specific document and users can save the document on Cloud at any point of time.

Adding file from personal computer – Users get to see a QR code when they land up on When they scan the code from Dropbox application, they can download the Dropbox setup on their device. As users install it, they can upload files with ease that is stored on their computer to Cloud.

Notifications – With this feature, users will always stay informed regarding the status of all activities carried out on the platform.

Dropbox paper – This is a collaborative workspace that helps coworkers for crafting & sharing ideas and simultaneously they can work on different or same projects.

Managing access – Users with this feature can easily protect all kinds of confidential information as they can determine the people who can have access for editing or viewing their documents.

Tech Stack – How will you ensure the creation of an app similar to Dropbox that functions seamlessly & faultlessly? How can you actually guarantee a fast loading and operating Dropbox create app? Addressing these questions prior to learning how to build an app like Dropbox holds importance. It all depends on the technology you are implementing for the formation of your application. These tech stacks are a must in your app.

Data & Application


Amazon S3








Dropbox Paper

Google Analytics


Amazon CloudFront

App Annie








Business Tools




G Suite




Benefits of developing app like Dropbox through SAAS

When you find yourself asking Dropbox a SaaS, you must know that it definitely is. This software distribution model enables modernization & functional expanding of all office applications. When Dropbox completed its formation with SaaS, it substituted the backdated commercial software. SaaS app actually played as an independent player in context to Dropbox. So if you also want to fabricate apps better than Dropbox, it is important to learn about the benefits SaaS can provide.

The revenue accumulates on a monthly subscription basis in context to the monetization mode of SaaS. When you are a vendor, you will possess the freedom of planning & predicting the proceeds that are dependent on the SaaS application user numbers & also the number of services that you offer.

Your clients will only require a proper Internet connection & a device for setting up the SaaS app.

As the business of your clients enhance, the same level of business scaling will happen for you as well. The customer can just fine-tune the monthly subscription as per the needs. Irrespective of the size of the clients’ business, they can always depend on your fantastic service as it’s inexpensive in contrast to investing in an in-house server capacity & software license.

After learning about Dropbox software as a service, when you move forward to building apps similar to Dropbox through SaaS, you will only need to maintain one code base.

As a vendor, you can capture all the cost savings with the help of scaling.

SaaS technology solutions

The Dropbox software as a service is dependent on various innovative technologies. Gaining sound knowledge prior to knowing how to build an app like Dropbox will be beneficial for your business. Companies in the present times outsource all their technical tasks with the utilization of cloud-based services like Dropbox. A sound SaaS development company is the one that always focuses on investing in tech experiments & research, optimizing resources & tracking users’ requisites for staying competitive.

The SaaS Dropbox features are numerous. These are:

Database – Thinking to Dropbox create app? If so it is important that the database you choose is document oriented & secure. Such a database always comes with a petite size & keeps all data separate to be able to employ data in a flexible manner. Python is a contemporary programming language that can help in empowering the database.

You can opt for MongoDB as your chief database as it’s noteworthy for the automatic sharding attribute. The database is scalable & showcases fantastic performance in terms of speed irrespective of the size of the task. So while you try to scale your business, there is no chance that you will lose on the technical potential.

CDN & Cloud Computing Services – When your aim is creating Dropbox app Kostenlos, you must know that the core element of the SaaS development platform is a cloud computing service that will enable every feature you construct. Your capacity of scaling or upgrading vectors will depend on the service you pick. In the year 2020, it is advisable to go with Amazon Web Services that is flexible for hosting & running products with ease. This platform integrates with EC2 or Elastic Compute Cloud as the native element. Scaling tech resources becomes hassle-free with AWS EC2 structural design.

Programming language – Developing Dropbox app for Android through cloud SaaS calls for the utilization of a robust programming language like Python. This programming language is a very good selection for SaaS as it is flexible & readable.

Cost Breakdown

As you assess the development cost of Dropbox app SaaS, you will know the budget you need to possess for making a clone app or apps better than Dropbox. The factors on which the cost of development depends when you think of how to build an app like Dropbox with the help of sound developers are:

Target market

Number of integrations & features

Architecture & design complexity

Project timelines

The country where development is taking place. The difference between application development costs in USA in contrast to Ukraine is approximately $100 every hour

Finally comes the marketing strategy that can be well-planned & inexpensive or wide-ranging & expensive

Cost estimation is as follows:

UI & UX design depending on marketing research costs around $15,000. This includes additional and main screens, profile & interactions. When creating SaaS Dropbox, it is vital to only include attractive & clear interfaces.

Servers cost approximately $30 to $8,000. It depends largely on how many users are there. With the increase in the number of consumers, there must be an enhancement in the server potential as well.

Tech maintenance & monitoring software costs approximately $3,000. This also is based on the quantity of users. As you monitor the functioning of your product constantly, it will be easier for you to then ensure the reliability of the product.

Tests & development depending on features will cost around $20,000.

Other than this, it is always recommended to leave 10% of the entire development budget for the purpose of marketing. Branding, feedback study tactic and content marketing campaign are areas that require careful planning.

Final Say

We hope that the ways you can create an app like Dropbox from the technical perspective is now clear. So now you can get started & not contemplate about how to build an app like Dropbox. To get started with it, a professional mobile app development company is the first entity you need to come in contact with. These companies guarantee the delivery of high-end applications with the help of their dexterous teams of developers, designers, programmers, analysts, project manager, etc. There is no need to hire Android app developers & hire iOS app developers separately once you avail our services. To know more, contact us or email us.

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