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Engineering is not that most popular and in-demand higher study discipline among the students without any reason. It is a unique course which creates a lot of effect on the individual as well as the society in general. This is the reason that almost every good engineering college in Dehradun offers it as the most lucrative program. This article will help you learn new, unique and fun facts about the engineering stream. If you are new to the field then this is a gem which you shouldn’t miss and if you have already worked in the field and you think you know everything about it then here is a challenge test yourself with these fun facts. Here are the exciting unheard facts about engineering which will make your heart skip a beat. 

  • Engineer word is derived from the Latin word “Ingenium which implies something like “local ability” or “shrewdness”. Until the eighteenth century, the job only alluded to war motors; for example, engineers manufactured weapons and fortifications. 
  • The first engineering professional known by name was the Egyptian pyramid manufacturer Imhotep. Around 2700 B.C. he fabricated the primary pyramids in Egypt and along these lines gained a practically divine status.
  • In India, the first engineer was Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya. The government of Bombay selected Sir M Visvesvaraya as Assitant Engineer for the department of public works.
  • How can women be left behind in the field A Lalitha was the first female Electric Engineer in India, she was likewise the first female student of CEG(College of Engineering), Chennai.
  • You must be conscious that there are a plethora of streams in engineering but do you know which one is the best stream among them. The answer is Mechanical Engineering it is called as Father, Mother, and King of all streams. 
  • Now, when talking about branches lets cover this also, do you know which is said to be most accessible and the toughest branch of engineering – Mechanical Engineering is said to be the most challenging branch followed by Electrical and Chemical Engineering. In contrast, Computer Science Engineering is said to be the least popular course.  
  • The agname of Mount Everest was an engineer. Of 1832 to 1842, the British Surveyor George Everest was the Superintendent and following, the Surveyor-General of the “Incomparable Trigonometric Survey of India”. He contributed significantly to the estimation of the Indian meridian circular segment beginning at the southernmost tip of India and coming to up to the lower regions of the Himalayas. 
  • The Ferris wheel is observed as one of the greatest engineering miracles of the world. The primary current large wheel was worked by Pittburgh’s George Washington Gale Ferris, an engineer for railroad modernization and scaffold running, for the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago. This gigantic wheel was likewise named after him: The Ferris Wheel. Coincidentally, with a stature of 135 m, the London Eye is the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe. 
  • Engineers also play an indispensable role in the amusement park industry. Engineers are required in planning, construction, lighting and even crowd control.
  • An engineer imagined the snowboard. Sherman Poppen made a winter toy for his little girl, by catapulting two snow skis together and appending a rope to the front. From this “Snurfer” and after different refinements and specialized adjustments, the cutting edge snowboard developed into what we know today – a miracle of math, science and biomechanics.
  • If you think engineers are only into technical and boring stuff then here you need to pause a little. Engineers have also made their place in the most exciting field in the world, yes you guess it right Entertainment Industry. Engineers work as animators as well and work together on your favourite movies, shows and animes, and Computer engineers work beside animators also create special effects in the movie industry.
  • If you like movies and we are talking about the same field then here is another fact stated that is that whether or not Lord of the Rings, Star Wars or James Bond, these all wouldn’t have be possible without all the subtle embellishments. Along with professionals, engineers make digital pictures that look certified by using Morphing advancement.
  • Furthermore, retrieving that concerning the matter of games: Many contenders owe their display to the art of building. Sports engineers look at the mind-boggling expression of physical developments and functional gear. Sport engineers, not just design sports gear, for example, tennis rackets or skis, however also design sportswear and shoes also. In the present German colleges, numerous projects offer sports engineering. We can bet that you thought these all things are designed by the designers. But, no these are also the fruit of engineering miracles.  

Told you, you will be amazed by the facts be it the fresher or the self-proclaimed these are points which will surprise anyone. Happy Learning and Happy Evolving!

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