Create Your Branded Office While Working From Home

More people and companies are embracing the work-from-anywhere lifestyle, with employees conducting meetings from their home offices, checking emails on their phones and adapting to a new world of virtual meeting etiquette. As they work on that last part, they may find that the basic background of their workspace doesn’t quite cut it. The solution lies in custom-branded office backgrounds for any situation.

Virtual Office Options

In just a short time, the world of virtual office settings has rapidly evolved. It’s easy to find an office background free of charge that fits an individual’s style or brand. The style a worker uses can serve as a way to set the tone for the meetings they are participating in, or reinforce the company identity. Making the move to a company-specific background can have a lot of positive effects on workflow, including:

Emphasize your company’s brand and make your virtual office space look more professional. The background can help to create consistency in the visual identity of your company and make it more recognizable to customers and partners.

A branded background creates trust with clients and partners by showing that you take your business seriously and that you have a professional setup.

Your branded background can serve as a subtle form of marketing by featuring your company’s logo, products, or slogans in the background of your virtual office space.

All of these perks are easy to achieve by simply taking the time to customize Zoom background options for the team and teaching everyone how to use the tool.

Create Your Own Watermark

Entrepreneurs who work from may wonder if they can benefit from using branded office backgrounds, and the answer is yes. By creating a unique virtual space that speaks to the startup’s values and goals, it becomes easier to give off an air of professionalism. Getting started is as simple as creating a virtual background with logo and putting it to use.

This can be a crucial step in cementing your brand and company logo into the minds of others. Creating your branded virtual office allows you to gain more control over what clients and customers think of your operation, so it’s worth the minimal effort it takes.

Designing Your New Background

When you choose to make your own background, focus on the design so it achieves the goals you want. Start by picking a theme. You can pick a traditional office or boardroom look if you want a more formal feel. For casual meetings or to create a fun tone around the company, try something more creative such as an outdoor scene.

As you customize your virtual office, make sure to test the layout for good composition. You don’t want an awkwardly placed logo that seems to pop out of your head or is hard to read. Make sure everything is arranged in a way that gives the best impression.

Overall, a custom background can help to create a more polished and professional look for your virtual office, which can be especially important when you are hosting virtual meetings or video calls with clients, colleagues, and partners.

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