Prepare for the Cost Before Preparing for the Exam

Those who want to take the CPA exam know that it’s not free. There many different costs for sitting in the exam. People make a big investment by getting a CPA license that pays them off for the rest of their lives but it’s not cheap.

Before paying the actual fee of the CPA exam, the candidate should buy a CPA review course. Studying without the review course is possible but it will become too much difficult and chances for failing the exam will increase. So why prolong the stressful duration of taking the exam and get a right CPA review course to study well for the exam. Many of the prep courses usually range $1,000-$3,000.

So find below Different Types Of Cost for the Exams

exam fee

Application Fees

The first cost that has to be paid for the exam is the application fee. This fee differs from state to state but typically range $50-$200. This fee is paid to the state board to apply for the exam. This is a one-time fee only but if the application gets rejected, the applicant has to pay the application fee again. Obviously, no one wants to happen any of these things with him as there is no point of paying twice the application fee for the CPA exam.

Examination Fees

The next fee to pay is the examination fee. The candidates have to choose sections they want to take and pay the fee. For each exam section, the costs of the CPA examvary from state to state. But the majority of the U.S. states charge $193.45 for each section.

  • AUD: $193.45
  • FAR: $193.45
  • BEC: $193.45
  • REG: $193.45


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Registration Fees

Registration fee is paid when the CPA exam applicant signs up for the section depending upon their state. The registration fee is arranged typically in a tiered way which allows saving the money by selecting multiple sections at a time by signing up. Here is how this usually works:

  • One Section: $63
  • Two Sections: $81
  • Three Sections: $99
  • Four Sections: $177

To sign up for the four sections separately, the applicant has to pay $252 for registration but if sign up at once for all the four sections one can save $80. But remember that the registration is valid for 6 months so before signing up for all four sections make a schedule for all the exams.

Ethics Fee

It is required in many states for the candidates to take the ethics exam after completing the CPA exam. This exam has to be passed in order to get the CPA license. This exam is comparatively easier than other exams and not a big deal to pass. The cost of the AICPA ethics exam is $150-$200. This cost includes the study material and the fee to take the exam.

Licensing Fee for CPA

After completing four sections successfully and the AICPA ethics exam as well, the candidate needs to pay the fee for the CPA license to the state board. Again, this cost is different in different states. In some states, it is $50 per whereas other states charge $500 per year. This fee can be paid for eternity to maintain the CPA license and practice public accounting.

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