Mobile insurance and how it can be helpful

Day by day the mobile phones are getting advanced and with the advancements the costs of mobile phones also have increased. With the increased cost, the cost of repair also increased. The new mobile phones are very smart and handy but there are a certain disadvantages also like one has to keep eye on the mobile phone so that it does not get damaged. The new smart phones are very intelligent and can do a lot of work than their predecessors but also these new smart phones are to be handled with care because these are more likely to be damaged due to their soft parts like touch screen, camera, speakers etc.

It will not be wrong to say that the earlier keypad phones were more immune to damage when dropped on the floor than the new touch screen smart phones. And also no matter how much careful you are in handling the phone, one way or another & one time or other these can get damaged. The cost of repairing can be a lot to manage when there is a crack in the touch screen or damage in the touch screen and to help the mobile phone keepers with that many insurance companies are there now which can help you in managing the cost of repair in case of any unfortunate event of dropping and damaging your phone. There are other services which are provided along with the insurance policy you take for your phone.

A mobile phone insurance company provides a special insurance policy that covers the cost of repairing the damaged phone or replacing the phone when it is lost or stolen. The cost of insurance for mobile phone is rather lower than the other insurance policies. Some insurance services even provide the cover policy for all of your gadgets which you can search for under the name multi gadget or multi device cover policy.

The Importance of  Your Mobile Insurance

Mobile insurance

The mobile phone insurance can be very helpful in maintaining the cost of repair or replacement, whatever is possible, under following circumstances:

Loss or theft of your mobile phone

The insurance company provides you cover for the mobile phone in case of theft and loss of your mobile phone. Though there are some conditions like phone lost of theft due to your carelessness does not count under theft or loss. You should file a report to police immediately after your phone is stolen to make a strong point when claiming for the cost under your insurance policy.

Cracked or broken screen

If your mobile phone screen is cracked or broken due to certain accidents which are not your fault like carelessness or intentional then the insurance company covers the cost of repair. Like AppleCare+, insurance by Apple Inc. provides a cover up to £310-390 in the event of Apple iPhone X broken screen replacement.

Accidental damage of your mobile phone

The damaged caused due to accidents which were not under your control are covered under the insurance policy. The insurance company provides the cost of damage in such a scenario.

Water damage

Water damaged caused by accident i.e. unintentionally. In case of water damage the insurance policy provides the cost of repair according to the cover.

Damaged headphone and charging socket

In some cases according to your policy the insurance company also pays you the cost of replacing or repairing of the damaged headphones and charging sockets.

Accessories damage

If your insurance policy has the cover for accessory damage defined then insurance company pays for the cost of replacing or repairing accordingly. The accessories include ear pods, charging USB, adaptor etc. You can find more on our website.

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