Top 10 companies who are looking for Project Managers with extra certifications like PMI-ACP

If the list grows wide and long, we ask you sorry from the beginning. PMI-ACP certification is one of the leading and most treasured credentials of PMI. It has a global presence and is recognized by almost every industry—especially Healthcare, which fosters 17% of Project-oriented job roles. 

Today Project Management industry stands at the $9 trillion marks. That is expected to reach $20.2 trillion industry till 2027! And for your information, the industry shall run short of 883k Project Management related job roles by the time. Today alone, we have 2.2 million workforces engaged, earning, and learning in the PM industry. Countries that are expecting the most professionals are China, India, and Brazil, followed by other APAC nations and many gulf countries. 

That does not mean that North American countries and European nations are short of projects! These countries are strategizing the future of the world and are consolidated to create a new world order.Below we have mentioned some of the top hiring companies of a PMI-ACP certified Project Manager.

Deloitte- USA, INDIA

Having a diverse presence in AI & cognitive technologies, Analytics, Blockchain, digital transformation, Automotive, financial services, Government and Public services, Healthcare, Industrial Products, entertainment, and many more verticals. Deloitte is a heck of an MNC. With more than 100k employees, Deloitte has a presence in more than 100 locations globally.

Deloitte is one of the best companies that hire PMI-ACP certified Project Managers in its INDIAN offshore accounts. 


It is one of the most advanced and trusted Payment Processing Networks around the globe. It has partnered with 200 countries and territories worldwide. VISA needs no introduction! This company is always in a hunt to hire Technical Project Managers who are certified PMI-ACP professionals.


Amazon earns around 70% of its net revenue from AWS alone. This offering of Amazon has a lot of customers, including governments and tech giants like Google and Apple. Amazon is in constant thrust to hire Project Managers to cope up with its ever-expanding business. It hires a PMI-ACP certified professional in positions like Engagement Manager and Technical Project Manager. Though it has got one of the toughest requirement criteria, and the most lenient Pay ceiling of $125000 per annum for Project Manager Roles.

Hexaware Technologies Limited- Singapore

With a net worth of $793 million, the company has 36 global offices hiring more than 18k employees with a vision like Disruptive, Cool, Highly Passionate, Fearless Attitude, and Anchored in the past. This company is one of the largest supporters of PMI-ACP certification. Although the tussle between PMI and AXELOS is kind of mixed in APAC nations. This company prefers its Project Managers to have PMI-ACP certification with 8-18 years of experience.


This B2M e-Commerce platform has a wing in retailing also. It has got its Fintech and mobile segments also that provides Electronic money and communication services. In its offshore branch in India, RAKUTEN is in expansive mode. It is looking for Project Managers with PMI-ACP certifications to carry out project managerial roles for its Fintech vertical.


This LMS Company is a global hit. If you want a career transition, then you can join EDUREKA as a trainer of PMI-ACP certification.

FireEye, INC. – USA

This network security company is listed at $13 in NASDAQ with more than 5000 employees; it has a global presence. It is one of the active recruiters of the Project Managerial role with PMI-ACP certification.

SageSure- USA

Currently operating through remote service. SageSure is looking for PMI-ACP certified Project managers. It is offering a salary of $110,000 per annum.

General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT)

GDIT is one of the frequent recruiters of PMI-ACP certified Project Managers. It breaks the ice by offering the one largest salary ceiling of $130000 for a full-time Project manager’s role. 

SiteOnne Landscape Supply

The salary this green industry and landscaping products distributor, with over 500 branches in North America, is offering Digital Project Manager’s role quite often to help it scale its operations. This company prefers its recruits to must have a PMI-ACP certification for the project manager’s role. It is also one of the top companies to join as a project manager. It provides $160000 per annum for senior Digital Project manager roles. And $110,000 for Digital Project Manger’s role.

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