4 Reasons to Settle for an Oval Engagement Ring in New York

New York City is one of the most populous cities in the US, with an estimated population of 8.3 million. The city is a major destination and densely populated with its limited land area of just 302 square miles. Still, NYC stands as the gateway to the “Land of the Free.” During the dawn of the century, immigrants first tasted the true American Dream by landing on the harbors of the city. Still, the namesake stands true as the city is obsessed with matrimony and the sanctities of its traditions.

The oval engagement ring in New York has been one of the most sought-after officiating symbols of near-marriage vows. An oval-cut engagement ring possesses a charm, possessing a unique elegance to the wearer. This type of personal ornament has a romantic flair that perfectly suits your personality.

Get More Out of an Oval Diamond Engagement Memento

Diamond rings are time and time again every woman’s best friend. Oval diamond rings, in particular, offer the brilliance and sparkle that can capture the greatest moments of your love life. Its natural, elongated shape appears more attractive and larger on your fingers to be significantly seen. 

Additionally, its accompanying stone becomes more visible because of the shape of the bands and stone girdle holding the feature gem. Oval engagement rings are also suitable for men and women who are torn between stone sizes. Its elongated shape can make a stone appear larger than its size. 

Oval engagement rings are a smart buy since they have a better appearance and larger value than other ring shapes and designs. Consider that the oval shape of the ring makes the stone the centerpiece of color and clarity.

Oval Diamond Rings Pair Well with Almost Any Setting

An oval engagement ring in New York is not only better in terms of shape, but it is also versatile enough for any setting. It does not exclude a person’s choice of outfit for any occasion. Oval engagement rings are not as inconspicuous as most ring designs because they can stand out and become visible regardless of their size.

Moreover, this type of ring design also brings a level of versatility in terms of setting. Choosing the right engagement ring setting is important because you do not want to have a ring that is overpowered or outshined by the gem or center stone.

When looking for the right memorabilia, you would want something that takes in all the elements and considers it within its aesthetics. Oval rings have been the choice for most couples in New York who are officiating their relationship because they have that unique appearance that shouts happiness and commitment. 

Get Value for an Oval Engagement Ring’s Appearance

Oval engagement rings are not just romantic to look at; they also provide the value for money you are looking for. If your special someone has short hands, an oval ring can complement their hands by making their fingers appear longer. 

Similarly, the shape of the ring can also highlight slender fingers. If you are on a tight budget, an oval engagement ring creates an illusion that makes the ring appear larger. The combination of shape, elegance, and setting can make the gem look bigger. 

If you are having a hard time deciding on the right design for your engagement ring, it is always safe to opt for preset engagement bands where the diamond is picked based on certain preferences. 

There are ways to cement your relationship, and one way to please your future partner and show your love is with an oval engagement ring that signifies the immortality of your love.

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