Best 3 camping generators for the money

You are a camping enthusiast. You know that you need to have a quality camping generators with you at all times during your camping trip. You want the best camping generator to charge all your necessary accessories.

In this guide, we will look at the top 3 camping generators, the standout features of each model, and some pro tips on how to choose a quality camping generator.

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Best camping generator reviews:


The Yamaha ft2400ishc portable inverter generator is very durable and built with sturdy material. Usually, Yamaha generators boasts the longest engine durability. Its low oil warning system protects the engine from getting damaged.

The electric power it produces is enough to recharge all of your USB devices. You can even recharge those sensitive devices of yours safely. Charging a high-wattage device such as an air conditioner isn’t a problem either.

With this generator, you can run RV air conditioners, microwaves, and heaters without experiencing any power trouble whatsoever.

The Yamaha ft2400ishc portable inverter generator operates quietly because of its throttle feature. It is fuel efficient and has a tank capacity of 1.6gal. You can see the fuel level with its attached fuel gauge.

Standout features:

  • 6gal of tank capacity.
  • 2400 watts of starting power and 2100 watts of running power.
  • Fuel efficient machine.
  • Ideal for outdoor activities.



The champion power equipment is a great machine for RV and camping. Its duel fuel option is what makes it standout from the crowd.

It can run on both gas and propane, and it comes with an easy select switch to choose between the two. This machine can power an enough number of your fav and sensitive appliances. It produces stable and consistent energy.

The tank capacity is 1.6gal.Also, it is quiet and fuel efficient. The features you should note in this device include.

  • Low oil shutoff.
  • Electric start button.
  • Easy access panel.
  • 2 household outlets and USB ports.

Finally, it is parallel capable, which means you can double the power by connecting it with another unit.

Standout features:

  • Tank capacity is 1.6gal.
  • 3400 watts of starting power and 3100 watts of running power.
  • Fuel efficient machine.
  • Ideal for RV and camping.



This generator is all about power. It will cover most of your power needs with absolute ease.

The tank capacity is 1.2gal and it has an economy mode that promotes energy saving efficiency. It is a fuel efficient machine and the noise level is acceptable. This is a perfect solution for camping enthusiasts.

It is easy to start, operate, and transport. It is a compact enclosed design, and produces clean and stable power. This is an ideal equipment for sensitive electronics and home appliances alike.

The parallel capability makes it a great device for doubling the power of your generator.

Standout features:

  • Tank capacity is 1.2gal.
  • Starting power is 2200 watts and the running power is 1600 watts.
  • Automatic low oil shutoff Available.
  • Ideal equipment for camping and outdoor activities.


Tips for choosing a quality camping generator:

Here are some key factors you should always consider when you purchase a quality camping generator.

  • Think whether you need a conventional or an inverter type generator. A good generator should work with all kinds of appliances you have. Things such as smartphones and digital cameras can be damaged by unstable power source. That’s why, picking an inverter type generator is risk free than a conventional model if you have to charge sensitive devices most of the time.
  • Fuel type. The type of fuel it runs with is the key thing you should always consider. Depending on where you intend to use it is a key consideration in selecting a particular fuel type.
  1. Gas powered. It is more of a budget friendly model. It is cheaper than all other fuel types.
  2. Propane powered. Propane generators are the quietest ones. They run quietly than all the other fuel types.
  3. Diesel powered. These generators are known for their fuel efficiency. They are easy to operate. Maintenance is simple too!
  4. Duel fuel. These generators run on both propane and gas. This makes it a convenient model to have.
  5. Solar powered. These generators produce power from the sun. They operate quietly and they are eco-friendly. Good for powering low wattage devices.
  • Your power needs. This can be determined by the appliances you are going to use with the generator. For a small camping trip, generator rated at 1000w is a perfect model to power up small devices. If you want more power, just simply increase its wattage.
  • Consider its noise level. Usually, the quieter the better. It is measured in decibels. Some manufacturers include a special technology to make their machine as quiet as possible. So, try to choose the models that has a unique technology for reduced noise level. Generally, when the power increases, the noise level of the generators increases too. So, if you want a little bit more power, put up with a little bit of extra noise.
  • This is the ultimate thing. Your power source should be portable enough to make your travels a lot easier. These machines are not bulky or heavy, so it is easy to carry from one place to another. Make sure your device has wheals and adjustable handles for simpler handling.
  • Fuel efficiency. Fuel efficiency is another aspect that needs to be looked at very carefully. A quality camping generator should be able to control their speed according to the applied load. So, if you only connected the low energy consuming appliances, then the engine automatically lower its speed and this usually results in minimum fuel consumption. Make sure that you engage the engine in a full throttle mode when necessary.
  • User friendly features. Low oil shutoff, fuel gauge, and a LCD monitors are the most effective user friendly features you should consider when buying a camping generator.


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We’ve reviewed the best camping generators out there.

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