What To Look For Before Buying A Perfect Inflatable Paddleboard?

When it comes to buying the right kind of inflatable paddle board for your surfing needs, it would be great for you to look at various factors. Though, if you are new to the world of a stand-up paddleboard or have a lack of experience, then you might be wondering about what to look for in a perfect board while purchasing. 

However, there are several types of boards that are available on the market, such as touring board, surfing board, fitness board, and all-around board. The right kind of board you need will depend on the purpose of using it. Once you have decided on what purpose you are buying the stand-up paddleboard, it will be easier for you to choose from various options available on the market. 

Though, you can also take the help of an expert who will you in determining the types needed for your requirements. Therefore, you will need to look at specific features to look in a stand-up paddleboard in order to find a suitable board for your requirements. Without further ado, let us discuss a SUP board’s features that you will need to look at before buying the right board. 

Features Of Inflatable Paddle Broad

  • Length

The length of the board will determine the balance and surface you will have to stand and paddle. There are varieties of sizes in sups ranging from short ones at measures less than 9 feet, medium size measured between 9 to 12 feet too longboard measures between 12.6 to 14 feet. Moreover, shortboards are easier to handle and suitable for beginners and kids. 

Whereas medium-sized sups boards are best for surfing and other purposes, longboards are good for touring because they tend to be faster than other boards. Thus, if you want to use the inflatable paddle board for surfing purposes, buying the medium-sized would be the best for your needs.

  • Hull Type 

The body or hull of the inflatable paddle board will determine how your board will function in water. There are two different types of bodies, like planing and displacement. A displacement hull will have a pointed front end, which helps the board to move faster in the water. Thus, every SUP will have longer and narrow ends that can be tip easily. These types of sups are suitable for long distances or racing. A paddleboard with a planing hull will have a flat and wide surface. 

However, these boards do not move fast as they are stable and perfect for surfing and other uses. The hull will build the foundation for balance on the water and enable you to move with the help of a paddle. Therefore, ensure that you are choosing a perfect hull for your needs that will help you move swiftly on the water.

  • Width

The standard width of a board should be 31 inches or more because it makes the board more stable but slower than narrow ones. Though a board’s width can go up to 36 inches, and the narrow board will range between 29 to 30 inches because they tend to be faster. 

Therefore, you will need to ensure for what purposes you are buying the board because it will help you determine the width you will need in your inflatable paddle board. It would be great for you to choose your board’s perfect width, which you think is suitable for your board, and improve your surfing skills. 

  • Materials 

Stand-up paddleboards are made from different types of materials, and the most used is EPS foam that comprises a core made from foam enclosed with fiberglass and epoxy. Moreover, other boards are made using polyurethane foam, whereas some are made inflatable or have a hollow core. For example, boards that have hollow cores will be light in weight and can be used for touring around faster, while those that are made from polyurethane foam are quite heavy and can be used for all purposes. 

Therefore, it is essential for you to determine the quality of material you need in your board, but inflatable paddle board is becoming popular among people these days because it can be used for all purposes. Thus, enabling their users to save more money and invest in something that will more productive and useful. 

  • Volume

The board volume will indicate its ability to float on the water while carrying weight, and boards with higher volume will support more weight. Moreover, the volume of a board does not depend on the height. Though you might need some narrow board models that are wide and thin but with more volume and a narrow, the thin and longboard will have low volume. However, if you want to use the board for surfing, you can purchase a shortboard with a higher volume. 

Every stand-up paddle board’s weight will depend on its features, which determine the exact weight it can carry. If a person has more weight than a suitable weight, it will be challenging to paddle because the board may sink in the water. Therefore, it would be great to choose a board with perfect volume that will provide you with the better floating ability and the speed you need while surfing on high waves. 

  • Fins 

Fins can add more stability to the board. Moreover, some board features large single fin, race fins, or three-fin step-up and even the inflatable paddle boards will have either rubber fins or removable fins that come attached with the board. 

Though, fins are necessary for every board to provide a proper balance and stability in the board. It would be best for you to choose a perfect board for your needs. The type of stand-up paddleboard will depend upon the combination of features to fit the primary purpose. Therefore, you must consider the points mentioned earlier before purchasing a board for your needs. 

The information mentioned above is related to things you need to look for before buying a stand-up paddle board for a surfing experience. 

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