How to Boost Your Business with Digital Marketing in 2019

The world today is driven by the internet and you can feel the effect of the continued adoption of digital devices across different business industries. Google has become a household name. So, what does that imply to your business start-up? In simple terms, Digital Marketing calls for the creation of useful digital content and promoting it.

E-commerce businesses continue to rely on digital marketing as an effective means of reaching out to the target audience. Thus, online marketers need to develop effective marketing strategies and combine this with a robust online presence to ensure their enterprises (whether small or large) achieve their set goals and objectives. If you are on the look-out for ways to bolster your online marketing strategy, consider the following tips.

Come Up with Valuable Content

Content marketing is critical in improving organic growth of your business. In fact, creating sharable content may mean the difference between marketing success and failure. Therefore, ensure your content includes relevant, valuable, authoritative and transparent information that answers your audience’s queries. Ensure you use effective graphic design tools, blogs, white papers and info graphs to lure customers to your website through enhanced search engine results.

At times, even after creating good content, most small and large business fail to reach their targeted consumers. The idea is to come up with content that helps your business reach its digital marketing objectives and compels the audience to share. But how do you push your target audience to share your content?

Create content that resonates with your consumers’ emotions because people tend to share contents that touch on the emotional aspect. Alternatively, ensure the content is of high value to your audience and proves to be useful in the long run. Another critical strategy that works is to have information that tells a story with which your consumers can relate to as it engages them more.

Create a Solid Social Media Presence

Although social media is growing every year, most online marketers have failed to tap into the opportunities it offers. Even so, a significant number of enterprises have been able to realize exponential growth solely by relying on social media marketing tools through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter among others. It may seem a challenge to engage your audience online, but it has become inevitable to do so in today’s digital era. With just a single tap of a button, you can reach a long array of followers.

When using social media, you must understand the kind of followers you have. For instance, if you want to reach out to a professional client base, a nice place to start would be LinkedIn. But if you majorly focus on millennials, Facebook and Instagram offer a more appropriate option.

Another way through which social media marketing can help you attain your advertising goals is the feedback you get from your consumers. It also opens up clear communication channels between you and your clients. The aforementioned platforms provide simple yet effective messaging systems.

Create a Mobile and Desktop-Friendly Website

To many e-commerce start-ups, there is no major difference between mobile and desktop sites. Nonetheless, to scour your marketing needs, you have to have an in-depth understanding of how each works to benefit the enterprise.

According to Statista, the number of people projected to have mobile phones globally will rise from 2.1 billion to 2.87 billion by 2020. This means that to get to your audience, you must optimize your site for mobile usage and more importantly, how fast this information is obtained and how consumers will relate it to your brand.

Another important aspect is to develop a means of converting prospects into consumers (and repeated customers for that record) efficiently. Therefore, focus on both desktop and mobile-phone users as they are both critical to bringing your marketing goals to an arm’s reach.

With website optimization, you need to ensure your visitors get an excellent user experience if you want them to spend more time on the site. You need to have an easily navigable website and this ultimately dictates how you connect and engage your visitors. Keep tabs on the most popular sites so you can build each of them one at a time.

Hinge Your Marketing on Search Engine Optimization

It is a great idea to have a functional and consumer-friendly website, but if you lack a clear SEO strategy, your prospective clients will barely recognize your site. Through search engine optimization, Google spiders can hover through your site to make your webpage appear among the top sites in Google’s ranking index. Most marketers perceive SEO to be daunting, costly and worthless but having a solid, viable SEO strategy is one of the most effective ways of having consumers trickling to your site.

SEO works best to those who understand how to hinge their marketing prospects on it. While most business use shoddy schemes to boost their Google ranks, the glory is often short-lived and often results in bad repercussions. Instead, create useful content by using strong keywords and key phrases to come up with valuable content on topical issues that relate to the human aspect.

Host Online Forums and Webinars

Marketers who actively partake in online circles are well aware of what webinars are. But if your business is still in its budding stage, a webinar is simply a digital seminar that use for presentations, demonstrations and/ or discussions.

An advantage of webinars for digital marketing is that they are more effective in engaging your consumers than video content. The only limiting factor is that they have a designated timeline, which means they are scarce. However, using their Q&A system, prospective consumers can get to understand the true value of your brand regardless of the media through which you present the information.


With the Internet of Things (IoT) today, businesses compel to acquire different digital tools and adopt a mix of digital marketing strategies. Marketers need to keep tabs on the ever-changing technological environment and how it affects how e-commerce marketing is done. By paying attention to the tips provided in this piece, your online start-up will be on its course to achieving the intended growth.

Kishan Rana

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