5 best wallets to buy Ethereum

Ethereum and its history

The popular cryptocurrency Ethereum was launched in the year 2015. It became popular in the crypto industry and follows suit with Bitcoin and Blockchain. It deploys the decentralized finance model and allows peer-to-peer transactions over the network. The network makes it possible to undertake transactions using decentralized finance, deploy decentralized applications, and smart contracts as well. Ethereum attracted large cryptocurrency users due to its ability to execute smart contracts. This means every investor or participant is allowed to undertake transactions without any third-party intervention. Every transaction is secured, may be verified, and allows for easy distribution of the same across the network and blockchain. 

Decentralized finance model

Ethereum blockchain works on decentralized finance making it easy to undertake crypto transactions. This working model is completely different from the existing traditional finance model wherein central banks or other regulatory agencies monitor your transactions. Enabling Ethereum along with decentralized finance allows you to undertake new payment models including buying, selling, trading, and also lending your cryptos. Additionally, the Ethereum platform also allows users to build multiple decentralized applications using its network. Every app developed on this platform needs to use Ethereum tokens to complete transactions.


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How to buy Ethereum?

To buy an Ethereum token, you need to have a valid Ethereum wallet. Let us look at the five best wallets that support buying, selling, and trading of Ethereum tokens.

Trezor One

Trezor is the oldest wallet currently available in the market. This particular crypto wallet was developed to support Bitcoin payments. However, today this wallet supports Ethereum trading activity as well. One of the primary advantages of using Trezor One is its security feature. There is a PIN code security operating model that stays within the wallet. This platform has been able to provide its investors with data security at any point in time. Despite trying to access your wallet from a non-registered or high-risk network your wallet and PIN are secure. 

An additional feature of the Trezor crypto wallet is that in addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum, this wallet also supports train activities of Dash, Litecoin, and Ethereum classic. 


If you are a newbie in crypto investment or new to Ethereum technology then it is recommended for you to use Metamask for your investment decision. One can directly download Metamask from Chrome. Your private key and wallet details continue to remain within the Metamask platform. In addition to being an investor, being a developer has additional opportunities wherein you can interact with test networks within the platform. The password that you create with Metamask is encrypted and remains stored in your machine. You can continue to export these key details at your convenience. Metamask also allows investors to handle multiple wallets from a single space. 


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Ledger Nano S

The ledger Nano is the popular crypto Ethereum wallet currently in the global market. As an investor, you can continue to store your private key details in a hardware device. This also makes this wallet less prone to hacking and other network vulnerabilities. The Ledger Nano S is considered the best in the industry when it comes to the Ethereum wallet. 


Exodus crypto wallet is the right choice for any beginner trying to grasp Ethereum and its working model. This particular crypto wallet is new in the crypto wallet industry and has taken a safe position amongst new investors. In addition to Ethereum, this crypto wallet also allows you to safely bet with other cryptos including Bitcoin. This crypto wallet hosts more than 100 cryptos in their listing and allows for trading options on all these with a single private wallet and password. 


Mist is the official Ethereum crypto wallet in the market. The developers of both these platforms are the same and hence this is considered as the best when it comes to Ethereum wallet. Unlike other crypto wallets, Mist is not user-friendly and you need to have thorough knowledge about blockchain, Ethereum, and its working philosophy. Hence this crypto wallet may not be recommended if you are new in the industry. 

Every crypto wallet has its benefits and disadvantages. As an investor, you need to ensure that you choose an Ethereum wallet that suits your investment decisions. It needs to be also user-friendly allowing you to carry out trading activities at ease. 

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