How to have the best preparation of class 10 Maths

Class 10 Maths is very important and is a scoring subject. At the same time, it is not a subject that can be studied at the last moment or memorized and you can get it. If any of the students are taking light please change your opinion and tackle it in a systematic way so you can be the master of the subject. Nothing is impossible but if you are taking things for granted then you cannot achieve anything. The basic trick to ace the subject lies in understanding. Once you get in the roots of the subject then it is as easy as drinking water

In this article, we will come with some effective and easy tips which are followed regularly and appropriately the learning and the exam preparation can be the best ad also it is totally stress-free. 

Let us check out the syllabus and the chapters.

 Class 10 maths consists of the following chapters.

  1. Real Numbers.
  2. Polynomials.
  3. Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables.
  4. Quadratic Equations.
  5. Arithmetic Progressions.
  6. Triangles.
  7. Coordinate Geometry.
  8. Introduction to Trignometry.
  9. Some applications of Trignometry.
  10. Circles.
  11. Constructions.
  12. Areas Related to Circles.
  13. Surface Areas and Volumes.
  14. Statistics.
  15. Probability.

All these chapters are very important to have a clear understanding. These chapters will be continued in classes 11 and 12 in a more advanced way. If you do not understand the basics then it is not possible to understand the topics in higher classes. So the first step is to be attentive and focus on the chapters and come home and revise the same. This can be followed for all the subjects. For certain chapters like Coordinate Geometry you refer to RS Aggarwal Class 10 Chapter 16 Coordinate Geometry

Best study method for class 10 Maths.

 Every student has their unique method and time to study and grasp the subject. When it comes to Mathematics some tips should be practiced so that it becomes easy and you are not under pressure during the exams.

The following tips are to be followed regularly.

Preparing a study timetable.

As mentioned above you are aware of the syllabus in Maths. Make a study plan for each day and specify the chapter and the topics to be completed. Follow the same regularly. The study plan not only helps to have a thorough preparation but also teaches to be disciplined and punctual.

Designate place and the time.

 It is always better to study in the same place every day. So allocate the place and keep it clean and tidy. About the time you can choose either in the morning hours or evening hours. But for maths, it is always preferable to complete in the morning hours as the mind will be fresh to think and solve the problems.


Often it is very common among the students. They directly try to do the exercise problems and ignore the examples.  Never do that as when you do the examples you will know to solve different types of problems in steps. When you do stepwise the understanding is accurate and the concept is very clear. Once you are familiar with the examples then go for the exercise.

Learning Formulas.

Most of the students have problems and the question is always there. Ho to learn so many formulas? It is very simple. You don’t have to sit and memorize and waste your time. Make a note of ll the formulas and stick them on the wall where you can look at them every now and then. Ewing every day you will get it captured and will be in your memory. 

One more thing you have to remember is it is essential to have all the formulas at your fingertips but it is also important to know the deviation of the formulas. When you know how the formula has been derived, even you forget you can always get it.

Preparation of notes.

Preparation of notes is very important. You must be thinking about what notes can be prepared for maths?

There are definitions, Formulas, and also some complex problems or theorems which has to be revised every day to get it. Such things can be noted down. If some of the topics or the problems which you want to revise and might be a little complex you can always highlight them to make them more prominent. These may seem very small things but it really works.


Practice is the key to success to reach the perfection level in the subject. Make a daily practice to work out the problems. This will develop thinking skills also.


 Revision is very important if you want to be an expert in the subject. You will be learning the new chapters but revising the previous ones also. Whenever you have time pick up two or three problems and solve them. You don’t have to do the whole exercise as you have already done. Revision can be done with just two or three different types of problems.  By doing so you will not forget whatever you have learned.

Solving the previous years’ question papers.

Once you have completed the syllabus try to solve the previous years’ paper. This will give you an exact idea of the examination pattern.  You will also be aware of time management and also helps in the development of speed and accuracy which is an essential aspect during the exam.

General motivation tips.

Sometimes a continuous study for long hours makes you frustrated and lose interest But it is not good To lose interest at any point in time. You should always take short breaks and start again. This will help you to keep your mind fresh and active. Especially for maths if you lose focus it becomes difficult to cope up with.

Have proper sleep.

Don’t develop the habit of studying late at night and spoil your sleep. This will spoil your next day’s schedule. Have a good sleep so you will all be fresh for the next day.

Have good health and eat healthy food.

Good health is very important. Make sure you do regular exercise and have proper and healthy food.

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