Preparation tips  to prepare Class 6 Maths 

Class 6 Maths is very important as this is the basic foundation and be learned precisely so they get the grasp of the topic clearly when they go to the higher classes. What they learn in the primary classes is very helpful to understand the topics at the advanced level. Students should not neglect any topics and be attentive and stay focused. Some students might feel maths is a difficult subject but following the simple tips will ease out your difficulty and you will start loving the subject.

Maths is a scoring subject and can be very easy if you get all the concepts clear. Students should develop analytical and thinking skills to solve problems. Maths can be gipped well only through practice, The more you practice you will get the idea of solving different types of problems in an easier.

Class 6 Maths has the following chapters in the syllabus.

They are :

  1. Knowing your numbers.
  2. Whole numbers.
  3. Playing with numbers.
  4. Basic Geometrical Ideas.
  5. Understanding Elementary Shapes.
  6. Integers.
  7. Fractions.
  8. Decimals.
  9. Data Handling.
  10. Mensuration.
  11. Algebra.
  12. Ratio and proportion.
  13. Symmetry.
  14. Practical Geometry.

Class 6 NCERT books are the best for the students where the chapters are easily explained.  Along with the textbook, they can also refer to NCERT solutions and get answers for all the topics which are given in a systematic way. 

Benefits of referring to NCERT solutions.

  1. The solutions are very well defined in simple language.
  2. The answers are organized according to the chapters.
  3. The exercise questions are given comprehensively.
  4. It saves lots of time as students need not search for the answers they have to just learn.
  5. The solutions are prepared by experts having an intense knowledge of the subject.
  6. The CBSE curriculum is followed in the right manner.

For some students, Maths may so scary but it is not so. If you start solving the problems and when you understand I think this is most loved subject. For many, it is very dreadful but it is the scoring subject and once you get the hang of subject eleven it becomes easier in subjects like physics and Chemistry where the mathematical calculations are involved. So if you want to be well versed with Maths first start developing a liking towards the subjects then the learning will be smooth and easy.

Follow the below tips and can see the difference.

Practice as much as you can

Maths is a skill which can be achieved by anyone but with effort and practice. Learning and practising should be done simultaneously. Proper understanding of the concepts is very important. Any subject cannot be reached the level of perfection in a short duration. It is better to start from day one.  You can practise little maths in between the studies. This will be like a break to you and also it does not become overwhelming.


When you learn a new chapter don’t directly start doing the examples of that chapter. This will give an idea of different types of problems and the method to solve them differently. By the time you complete all the examples, you will be quite knowledgeable in this chapter. Then you can start with the exercise problems. Don’t attempt complex problems first. This is said because the chapter is new so if you start with the complex ones and if you get it wrong what happens is you will be discouraged and you might start disliking the subject. To avoid all this start with the simple sums gets it right then go for the complex problems. One more thing you should keep in mind is just don’t look at the answer when you are solving the example sums. You should see if the steps you have done is right or wrong. If you get all the steps correctly then you have understood the chapter well. Now you are ready for the complex problems.

Clearing the doubts is very important.

Whenever you are solving problems there might be some doubts. Never procrastinate but make sure you clear it immediately. If you continue with the doubt you can never be thorough with the subject and small doubt can become very big and you will never be clear about the concepts.

Learning Formulae

The subject has many formulas write down all the formulas on a single sheet and you can stick them on the wall which is visible every time. When you see certain things every day, they will get captured in your mind and will be in your memory. You can also make use of flashcards for formulas and definitions. 

Importance of Derivation.

Just learning the formulas is not enough but you should also know the steps of how the formula has been derived. When you know the derivation even you forget you can derive and get the formula. So when you start learning then know the logic behind each formula. This is the best method to remember the formulas.

Basics Fundamentals.

Basics are very important throughout the journey of education. Without the basics fundamentals, you cannot learn mathematics. Even you might be giving a competitive exam still without the basics you cannot proceed with solving the numericals. So whatever you are learning keep revising so you will not forget the basics of maths.


Regular revision is very important to have a proper hold of the subject. If you keep learning the new chapters and forget what you have learnt then it will not be of any use. Again it is like learning the new ones. So it will be waste of time. It is better to have a regular revision so you are not stressed during the exam and you don’t have to struggle hard learning the chapters. You can also make a time slot for the revision.

Solving the previous years’ question paper.

Once you have completed the syllabus now it is time to see how well you have done the preparation. You can solve the previous years’ question paper. Answer them the way you would have answered your exam. Keep the track of the time and complete it within the given time. Evaluate your answers and check the mistakes and reform the same.

These are very simple methods but if students can follow their studies and the preparation becomes very well-organized and simple.

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