7 Great Herbs for Fighting Depression Naturally

What do you think built up the ridiculously expensive and devious industry of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, otherwise known as SSRIs and other antidepressant drugs? Depression is a widespread disease. And the number of people that are afflicted by this disease is increasing rapidly. Some of the SSRIs have now become an OTC medication that people can acquire without a prescription. I see teenagers downing antidepressants because they are “too stressed” to handle an exam, or a breakup or whatever.

The problem with today’s world is that we are all in a hurry. We seek solutions that give us instant results, hoping that we would be able to save time. Well, this can’t be farther from the truth. Depression is not something that medication alone can cure.

Yes, they suppress the symptoms a great deal. Thought-blockers can stop you from thinking a particular thought over and over again, and sedatives can give you the sleep you require. However, are these medications your best hope? Nope. Most of these medicines have bazillion side effects that you probably don’t know about or didn’t bother asking about when buying all in hopes of quick relief.

Granted that in today’s world, we all have our problems that cause stress. Before we know it, stress changes into depression and becomes hard to handle. But that doesn’t mean that medication is the only solution you have. There are natural ways of controlling and curing the depression, such as eating healthy foods, meditating regularly and maintaining healthy social relationships.

Another solution is adding herbs that alleviate the symptoms of depressions in your diet. If you are wondering what herbs can be useful, I have prepared a short list for you. Read on and find out about these herbs:


This herb is, without any doubt, the best medicinal herb on the planet! Therefore, it makes number one on my list. If I counted the benefits of ashwagandha on my hands, I would run out of fingertips. Do you know what I mean? The catch is, this herb is great for weight loss as well. It lowers blood sugar levels and cortisol. We all know that cortisol is the stress hormone in our body, and a high cortisol level means stress, which eventually leads to depression. Ashwagandha is very good for curing PCOS as well and it has been proven to help with insomnia.



Another unbelievably helpful herb for stress is Maca. This herb is found in Andes Mountains, in Peru and for past centuries, it has been cultivated as a vegetable by the natives. This herb is usually consumed orally for several diseases. It comprises of many phytonutrients, minerals, and vitamins. It is also used to treat infertility and other feminine disorders like PCOD.

Various studies have found that Maca exhibits the properties of an antidepressant. Strangely enough, there isn’t much information on how Maca works to help reduce depression, but the fact that people consume it for dietary purposes since centuries suggests that it is indeed a healthier alternative.



This beautiful tiny berry-like fruit has gained quite a reputation for curing depression. Full of vitamin C, CamuCamu is great for treating both depression and inflammation as well. This fruit is mostly found in South America.

It’s the fruit of a shrub belonging to the myrtle family, and its flavor is tangy and almost acidic. It is filled with antioxidants which helps keep the brain cells stimulated. It can be consumed in many ways; for example, you can make a tea out of it or just dust on your cookie dough before popping it in the oven to make cookies.

John’s Wort

This particular herb has got an interesting name. While it can’t be used to replace the conventional modes of curing depression, it is known to be quite effective when treating it. This plant has been popular in the European countries for ages now, and it is used specifically to cure mental health problems.

In the states, this herb is often distributed on a commercial level in the form of dietary supplement, and people swear by its results. The bottom line is, this herb has got a centuries-old reputation for treating depression and melancholia. Do give it a try before buying those SSRIs.


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Valerian Root

Valerian Root

Even the name of this herb sounds almost magical. Valerian root affects more like a sedative than an antidepressant. So, I reckon it can be used for both mild depression and insomnia. It helps cure the anxiety and patients have reported feeling relaxed after using this herb. It has other advantages like lowering the blood pressure and easing menstrual cramps. Most of the ‘sleep teas’ that you have tried contain this herb. The prescribed limit of dosage for this herb is about 20 milligrams.

Girl Scout Cookies

This isn’t exactly an herb. Instead, it is a marijuana strain. But recent studies have found that marijuana can be quite helpful for people who suffer from depression and anxiety. This particular strain has high quantities of THC in it; the highest test suggests it’s about 28%.  This strain is mostly Indica, and it is a cross of OG Kush and Durban Poison.

This strain will instantly make you feel euphoric, and you’re not likely to experience even a trace of sadness. It is also good for treating insomnia. I recommend that you smoke this strain in the evenings because you’re likely to experience a couch lock. Grab a lot of snacks as well, because this WILL make you feel hungry. Buy the best quality strains here: www.shadedco.com/best-online-dispensary-canada/.



Thyme is an herb that we often use to season our steaks along with some garlic, but it can do much more than mere seasoning of your meals. When brewed in a tea, thyme can help effectively alleviate the symptoms of depression. That is because thyme is full of tryptophan and lithium. Instead of taking lithium in the form of medicines, try and obtain some from this natural source. Thyme serves as a natural mood stabilizer as well.


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