Why Windows PC Are Preferred More Than Any Other OS

Know here about Why do so many companies use Windows OS?

There are several Operating Systems available from which a user can choose. But still, today also Windows PC are the most preferred. Do You Know Why Windows PC Are better Than Any Other OS?  Well the answer is here. Here we have given some of the crucial points that will help you in getting the answer of your question.

These points will let you know about the features that make Windows PC stand out among others.

Windows PC Are Preferred More Than Any Other OS

The below given points will exactly define that “Why Windows PC Are Preferred More Than Any Other OS”

You can get a Windows PC for much cheaper than other OS

Windows PC are cheaper than other operating systems and even Mac.  If you want to get a best operating system at an affordable price then you must go for Windows PC. Let’s take an example, if you want to buy a Mac then you need to pay a minimum amount of $1,000 MacBook Air where on the other hand for a Windows PC you need to spend amount under $600.   At low price you will get all the features of your requirement.

You Can easily switch Parts in your Windows PC

Windows PC and laptops are customisable. In other operating systems it becomes difficult to customise any hardware inside. Windows PC is provides you this facility. This feature also makes Windows PC or more preferred choice. In other words we can say that you can easily change the parts in Windows PCs and most laptops to modify them for your requirements, or give them extra life.

Windows PCs are the best option for Playing Video Games

If you are a video game lover then also you must go for Windows PC. Windows PC is provides a high power to play high end graphics games. Furthermore the power usage on game is slow in Windows PC as compared to other operating systems.

Commonly Used Ports Are Still Available In most Windows PC

In most of the windows PC the commonly used ports are still available. Today other operating systems like MacBook starting from 2016 lineup comes with USB C port only this means you will not be able to plug in the monitors that use HDMI, SD cards for photo transfers. Furthermore other USB accessories are including the hard drives that do not have a USB C adaptor cannot be plugged in. In order to use the USB C adaptor it is important to have the USB C accessories. Without the USB C plugins it is not possible to use the USB C adaptor in other operating systems. Well in Windows PC is the USB ports are still available that helps you in avoiding these annoying the situations.

No Sound Issues Found in Windows Pc

No sound Issue is a very common problem that every OS user faces. But in Windows PC it is easier to solve the problem in some steps. For eg: if the same problem is persisting in Mac Airbook or any other OS then it costs too high in repair. But n Windows PC, user can solve the No Sound Issues Found himself.

Microsoft’s Office Suite works better on Windows PC then other OS

Microsoft Office Suite including applications like Word, PowerPoint and Excel,  works best on a Windows PC as compared to other operating systems. The Windows PC version is more stable than the MAC version.

The Windows operating system is more customizable

Generally, you’ll discover more settings to change in the Windows operating system than you will with other operating system. Further developed clients will discover an incentive in those additional settings.

Repairing a Windows PC is much Cheaper

It is easier and cheaper to repair Windows PC as compared to other operating systems. Even if you are taking them to their service center for repairing still the coast will be higher.

Windows laptops have more reliable parts

Parts of Windows PC are more reliable than other operating systems. In case of repair and exchange it becomes easier to repair an exchange Windows PC parts.

Hence these are the features that make Windows PC more reliable and considerable to buy. You can Download Hike for PC Windows 10 from here.

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