Window Treatment Trends in 2020

As the largest city in Australia, Sydney is a popular tourist destination due to its iconic landmarks, serene beaches, and fun culture. Beyond all the tourist-friendly sites, however, the city is also home to over five million people because of the many opportunities and unique lifestyle it offers. Though Sydney is often dubbed as the perfect place for tourists, it is also no secret that it is one of the most beautiful places to live in. Regardless of your age, you will surely find something to look forward to while living in Sydney.

Moving to Sydney undoubtedly comes with perks, but as with any other place, you have to think about where you plan to stay. Finding a home in itself is challenging, but decorating the space to make it your place is another thing. From choosing your colour scheme to selecting blinds in Sydney, there are many things to consider when renovating your home. However, doing this is part of the process of settling into a new place, and it can be fun if you allow it to be.

Besides flooring and light fixtures, window treatment is another important consideration when designing your home. Initially, they seem to serve merely aesthetic purposes, but as you get to know your options, you will see that they are also incredibly functional. To give you some insight and inspiration, here are some top window treatment trends this 2020.

Clean and Simple

Simplicity still remains a popular choice for window treatment since it gives off a clean and effortless look to any home. Roller blinds and Roman shades, for instance, are a staple in most homes as they are available in many colours and styles. Try to go for neutral colours, like brown, grey, and soft hues, and add in some texture to draw attention to your windows.


 Motorised blinds in Sydney have become a growing trend today because of their convenience and ease of use. All it takes is a remote or even your smartphone to control the blinds’ height and open or close it as you wish. They are exciting additions to any home but also come at a substantial cost, so it may be better to install them on a select few windows. For instance, the living room can be a potential candidate since family members usually gather in this area.

Shutters and Blinds

Plantation shutters and blinds are growing increasingly popular because of their versatility and effortless look. Shutters, for instance, are perfect for the bathroom since they can be moisture resistant and provide optimal shade from the sun. On the other hand, blinds are highly customisable since you can choose between vertical or horizontal panels and choose from different colours and materials.


Modern blinds and window treatments now feature more eco-friendly materials, such as bamboo, to promote sustainability. With these materials, you not only support environmentally-friendly products but also add a unique twist to your home. The neutral colours, coupled with the texture from bamboo, woven wood, and other natural fibres, give off a minimal yet elegant look.

When selecting window treatments for your home, you have to be sure since some of your choices are permanent installations. Fortunately, you now have more freedom in terms of design and fit as most options are customisable to fit your needs. You do not have to worry about compromising functionality for aesthetics, and vice versa, since you can easily achieve both.

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