Why You Should Not Forego Continuing Education

Graduating college seems to be like the finish line for the educational system, at least for most people. However, schools and universities still offer continuing education like Masters and Doctorate degrees, or even a second bachelor’s degree for those who wish to further their learning.

But here’s the thing, continued education is not just for the “geeks” or those who want a career in the academy… here are just some of the reasons why.

More Job Opportunities

When you’ve hit a wall in your current job and you can’t get hired no matter how great you think you are, then maybe it’s time to learn something new. If you pursue higher education then you will definitely get more employment options.

The same is true for licensed professionals like doctors and engineers who may be looking for a new opportunity to earn more. Doctors could once again go through further training to have more specializations or even dabble in policymaking when it comes to healthcare. Engineers can also consider getting licensed in Washington to become a general contractor to be the boss of their own construction company in that state or state of choice. The possibilities are endless.

Career Progression

 If you’re not really looking for new jobs (because you’re obviously happy with your current company), first let me congratulate you on that. Second, of course, you’re thinking of wanting to stay for longer as maybe, someone higher up in the organization, right? So if that’s one of your goals, then you should definitely think about trying to get more certifications or licenses.

Income Growth

Of course, the more qualified you are, the more your income grows. However, this thinking can only do so much for you in terms of the money aspect. To be honest, the thing that employers look out for is not how many titles are placed before or after your name. It’s really the value that you bring to your current job.

Your certifications and diplomas amount to nothing if you cannot bring more to the table, and I am not talking about work hours, either. What I mean is the quality of work that you put in or how irreplaceable you are for a company.

Naturally, the more you learn in school or in life, the more you can contribute to the improvement and further development of your company. If your employer sees that, he or she will be more than willing to pay you more for your services. If not, either you haven’t done anything that deserves a raise or your company undervalues you.

Learning More and Staying Sharp

The benefit of continuing education is not just evident in your career. It can also be connected to your personal development as a person and fulfilling your thirst for knowledge… It can even help you answer common interview questions in your field. This may be an important consideration for those who value learning more than the practical reasons.

Pursue New Interests

Did you know that almost 75% of workers in America desire to change their careers? So if you’re feeling like you can’t stand your job any longer because you want to pursue other things in life, you’re not alone! The first step in doing so would actually be to train in your new interest to hopefully make a living from it in the long run. As they say, happiness, at least in your professional life, can only be attained through a perfect balance among your passion, impact, proficiency, and financial gain.

Expanding Your Network

By enrolling in a university to further your education, you can expand your network of friends that can help you advance your career. From a personal standpoint, you can also find actual life constants even at an older age. Plus, learning more can also expose you to possible mentors that can guide you in a new path, excelling in your current career, or help you out in life.

Further education can definitely give you an edge in whatever you pursue in life. However, learning is never limited to a classroom set up or even a webinar online. To apply what you learned and to advance your studies, you need to go out and explore the world.

Kishan Rana

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