10 REASONS Why 5G is the FUTURE

You’ve heard the hype around the new network technology that promises to take the world by storm and change the way we live, work, and play. Yes, we are talking about fifth-generation cellular Wireless or, as most people call it, 5g now. If you think that 5g means faster internet and more data well, you’d be right because both of these are just a step away and for a few of us already here, but if that’s all you’re thinking of, you’re missing most of the picture that’s because the speed and the amounts of data that 5g can carry are going to make all kinds of things possible that until now have seemed more like science fiction.

1.More data – faster

First, make no mistake 5g means incredibly fast download speeds. Think about how long it takes you to download a feature-length movie using 3g a decade ago. It might have taken a day 4G got that down to about 6 minutes. What about five cheese from the time you click the download button, you should be able to get a whole movie out of your hard drive and ready for viewing in just 10 seconds.

 2.Faster reaction times

It’s not just about the amount of data that the network can process at any given moment. It’s also about how quickly the network reacts the time between you clicking and the message reaching the server the technical term for this is latency, and with 5g, the latency is going to be seriously fast on for chief latency averages around 50 milliseconds but 5g promises to take that down to 4 milliseconds and these are razor-sharp reaction speeds are going to improve everything from videoconferencing to gaming to financial services which have to be able to buy and sell stocks in super-fast time and also in medicine, but we’ll look at that later number.

3.Better coverage

Another difference is that 5g networks will be able to handle more connected devices at any and time, and of course, that means better coverage with 4G and network conserve 4000 devices in a square kilometer with 5g that’s going to be more like a million, which means that slow connections and crowded places really should become a thing of the past.

 4.Automated cars

This is where things start to get futuristic self-driving cars have been in the works for some time now, but it’s 5g that could give them the boost they need to take off that’s because they’re going to need to communicate with other cars as well as with smart traffic lights and smart road signs and they’ll need to sense whatever’s around them and what’s around the corner whether that’s a pedestrian or a physical object and they’ll have to make split-second decisions that are as good as or even better than human reflexes and to do all this reliably and safely they’re going to need a lot of data delivered at lightning-fast speeds that’s something that 4G can’t do but 5g can.

5.More advanced AI

What makes machines intelligence is the ability to learn stuff learning means having lots of data and then analyzing it and using it, and have you been paying attention, you’ll know that 5g raises the bar sky-high when it comes to sending and receiving data. This means that in factories, robots connected to 5g internet will be able to share information and improve production methods without the need for humans to program them. Robots on farms will be able to react to all kinds of factors, including the weather, and work more efficiently. Automated cars, which we’ve already talked about, will learn how to drive better and safer, and yes, robots reading what you’re browsing on the internet will be able to target advertising in an even more focused way than they already do.

6.Smart cities

We’ve already talked about automated cars and as well as fewer accidents 5g also paves the way for intelligent traffic systems which collect data about how much traffic there is and react to it, which means less congestion and it doesn’t end there smart cities will be able to regulate things like electricity and energy consumption and use it more efficiently in a more environmentally friendly way building will be able to regulate heating by themselves and smart billboards will be able to change the images that appear on them to get their messages to target customers more effectively.

7.Virtual workplaces

Recently a lot of us have been using teleconferencing services like zoom or Skype more than we used to, and we know they’re not perfect yet with time lags that make communication feel less natural. Besides, unreliable internet connections can really mess things up well 5g promises to solve those problems and take teleconferencing to a whole new level, and it offers tools for working remotely. Google Docs already allows us to edit a document together in real-time imagine a team of architects or designers being able to view and edit a 3d image in a teleconference or video editors working together on an HD video file all in real-time even though they’re all in different places the speed and the amounts of data 5g can deal with making all of this possible.


When it comes to improving access to medical treatment, this promises to be a huge step forward 5g will allow patients in remote areas not just to teleconference with doctors over long distances doctors will also be able to read vital signs and give diagnosis and treatment it’ll even make remote surgery possible to do these doctors will use remote sensors and controls to perform the operations on patients at a distance these procedures need precision and instantaneous timing and only 5g can deliver it.

9.Smart health tracking

Smart health tracking thinks about the app on your phone that tracks how many steps you take in a day but then takes it to a whole new level. We’re talking about wearable devices that track your movements, vital signs, and other health-related measurements. They’ll give you tips on how to prevent or fix any health problems, and hundreds of millions of devices like these will collect data which can then be used for medical research and also by insurance companies, which is a cause for concern as it raises some serious privacy issues questions like if people haven’t been exercising or neglecting their health in any other way will insurers have the right to up their coverage prices this is a debate we’ll probably hear a lot more of in the coming years.

10.More advanced gaming

4G made it possible for you to play games on your phone with a kind of quality that’s one step closer to a gaming console 5g could close that gap entirely, and Google’s cloud streaming service stadia, which was released last year, looks like it’s going to be the first gaming system to take advantage of 5g networks fortnight let’s a hundred players compete at the same time in the same virtual world with 5g shooter games could have a thousand playing together with lifelike graphics, and we won’t even need to download the games and take up memory on our devices because they’ll exist entirely on the cloud it looks like 5g is going to be a huge moneymaker and Intel expects that by 2028 5g gaming revenue will reach 100 billion dollars.

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