New to the scene? Here’s An A-Z guide to Bingo Lingo

Are you a newbie to the online casino scene? Well then, you’ve got plenty to look forward to, especially if you’re a Bingo enthusiast! Did you know that you can play a whole host of exciting Bingo games online, including games that inspired by your favourite gameshows, with some pretty cool graphics along the way! And just because you’re playing online, doesn’t mean that you can’t socialise with other players, since the Bingo chatrooms will enable you to chat with other players whilst playing your favourite game. 

You don’t need to be an experienced player to join in, but to navigate the Bingo chatroom and to avoid being lost in a sea of acronyms and gaming slang, it’s a good idea to have some understanding of the Bingo lingo used online. To help you to get to grips with Bingo chat, here’s an A-Z guide to Bingo Lingo. Trust us, with this guide at hand, you’ll be a pro in no time. 

Chatroom acronyms

You’re probably pretty comfortable with some of these acronyms, especially if you’re a speedy texter, since some of these aren’t exclusive abbreviations used for Bingo. However, some of them are specific, so you might want to familiarise yourself before you start playing. 

  • 1TG —This stands for ‘one to go’, which means that you are just one number away from completing a full house. 
  • AFC/ AFK — If you step away from your computer for a quick break, then you might want to let the other players know that you’re ‘away from computer’ or ‘away from keyboard’ with this handy acronym.
  • BLNT — We all wish that you could win every time, but since Bingo is a game of luck, there will be times where you or your fellow players don’t walk away victorious and, in this case, use this acronym to wish each other ‘better luck next time’. 
  • CH —If you notice that one of the members of the chatroom has CH displayed next to their username then this signifies that they are the chat host and are responsible for maintaining order in the chatroom. The chat host will also be able to answer any game-related questions that you may have. 
  • COI — This is just one greeting that you may hear when entering a chatroom and it stands for ‘come on in’. This is most commonly used by the chat host to welcome you to the room. 
  • FH — Should you be lucky enough to mark off all of the numbers on your card, you’ll score a full house and can celebrate your victory by using this acronym. 
  • GG — This stands for ‘good game’ and can be used at the end of the game before you sign off to signify that you’ve enjoyed the gameplay. 
  • GL — Before you start your game you might want to wish everyone in the chatroom luck. A quick message of luck can be sent using this acronym, which stands for ‘good luck’. 
  • JP — Of course, Bingo is a fun game and your main motive for playing should be enjoyment! However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have your eyes on those juicy ‘jackpot prizes’, so if someone is referring to them, they’ll probably use this acronym. 

Now you’ve got these Bingo lingo acronyms at your disposal, you’re ready to ace a game of online Bingo whilst socialising with other players in the chatroom. What are you waiting for? Head over to an online site, sign up and get playing now! 

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