Although planning a holiday vacation might be incredibly fun and exciting, deciding what to pack for your trip can be quite a stressful endeavor, especially if your goal is to bring as little items as you can, while still making the most out of your wardrobe. Thankfully, deciding what to wear on a vacation doesn’t have to be as difficult as it may seem at first, as long as you do a bit of careful planning before you depart. So, here are the best tips and tricks for packing chic and fashionable outfits for your upcoming holiday:


If your goal is to pack lightly for your vacation, it’s crucial to do a bit of planning beforehand and construct a small capsule wardrobe that will make outfit planning that much easier – just remember to stick to muted, neutral shades and add only one accent color to make the most out of your mini capsule. Even though a summer vacation will give you a lot more freedom to pack different outfit options, including shorts, skirts, summer dresses, several tank tops and a few cute rompers, winter holidays tend to be a bit trickier, as they usually require bigger and bulkier clothes. The key to packing lightly during colder months is to stock up on layering pieces, such as short and long sleeve t-shirts, cardigans and chunky knits, which you can easily mix and match, while still staying warm and cozy.


No matter which type of vacation you are planning, there’s no denying you’ll spend hours walking, sightseeing and exploring your chosen destination. That is why packing well-fitting, comfortable footwear is incredibly important. If you’re going on a summer holiday, apart from essential beach flip-flops, don’t forget to bring a pair of comfortable and supportive sandals you can wear for hours without any issues, as well as your favorite sports sneakers that are ideal for traveling. If you’re planning a winter vacation, however, the most important footwear you can have is a pair of warm, comfortable and waterproof boots that will keep your toes cozy all day long.


Whether you are going on a tropical vacation, or even a relaxing winter holiday where you will spend your days unwinding at the spa or bathing in hot springs, having several different swimwear options is essential for any type of trip. Not only will a colorful and beautifully printed bikini such as trendy snake print bikini be a perfect option for flaunting your figure at the beach or the pool, but if you choose quality swimsuit bottoms, they will even give you enough support and protection to enjoy anything from light swimming to more adventurous water activities without a single worry.


If your vacation is going to involve some romantic dinner date nights with your partner or even fun nights out with your best friends, don’t forget to pack a few failsafe party outfit options. While a summer holiday is usually more carefree and relaxed, and can be ideal for those sundress and strappy sandals combinations, colder months can truly present a challenge, as you’re constantly battling between staying warm and looking great. In that case, the best evening wear options might be an elegant jumpsuit that can easily be paired with a cardigan or a structured blazer, or even your version of that perfectly-fitting little black dress you can layer with warm tights and chic outerwear pieces.


Apart from bringing a wide-brimmed hat and a beautiful straw tote for your summer vacation, which are versatile enough to be worn both on the beach and while strolling around town, always pack some statement jewelry pieces to complete your fashionable outfits. When it comes to winter holidays, stocking up on warm blanket scarves, cute beanies and cozy gloves that pair beautifully with your outerwear is an absolute must, as well as a practical leather handbag that complements your every outfit. And don’t forget that sunglasses are essential for any type of vacation, as not only are they ideal for pulling every look together, but they will also protect your eyes from damaging sun rays that can even harm you during the colder months.

No matter what type of vacation you have booked, simply doing a bit of planning, constructing a functional carry-on capsule and stocking up on those essential items will make holiday outfit planning a breeze.

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