What should be the size of my garage door?

Nowadays there are a galore of options available for choosing the right kind of garage and its door. One can easily opt from the available customary standard sizes of garages that are available. Although the dimensions are standardized, it is advisable to measure the area in which you would like to install yours.

The various car garage doors available are single door, two-door,  for recreational vehicles, etc. The 2 car garage door dimensions are substantially more extensive than the dimensions of a single car garage door. Earlier customers opted for a single-door garage instead of a two-door only to make an inexpensive deal. With the increasing availability at reasonable prices, customers have found it beneficial to opt for two garage doors.

The available options for car garage doors are:

Single car garage door:

A single car garage door is advisable only when the garage is next to your building and not in front of the building. A single car garage door is useful for smaller spaces, allowing generally one car to be parked, and should be of a considerable height to accommodate an SUV car. It is quite challenging to park SUVs in a single car garage as this can damage the vehicle’s doors, which is not desirable.

Two car garage doors:

Two car garage doors are for larger areas and those with their garage in front of their building. The door would give an asymmetric look that would enhance the building’s design and look.

2 car garage door dimensions are about 12 feet to 14 feet in height and can easily accommodate two large SUVs and a smaller vehicle. The car garages with two doors operate effortlessly. In today’s date, people who have smaller cars or even one car generally opt for two-door car garages as the space is used for parking cars as well as storing some essential outdoor items.

Two-car garages can also be used as nurseries or gyms according to your choice or convenience. These are also aesthetically pleasing and offer an excellent structural view to the front of the building.

Recreational vehicles garage doors:

These are a variety of garages that are relatively new to the market. Recreational vehicles are substantially taller than the standard SUV cars and other vehicles, and hence the sizes of these places are large and tall. They are quite large as a single recreational vehicle would need a fair amount of space.

With various kinds of garages and designs available today, one can easily decide which one they would prefer based on their functional area. A properly built garage helps to enhance the beauty of the house and the space can be utilised according to your need.

With the knowledge of the various standard garages available, one can choose the best  for his or her home. Considering professional help is useful, as this could help one optimize the open space. If you are a creative soul, you can revamp it the way you want and be unique!

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