9 Web Development Frameworks You Should Check Out

Web development has become a flourishing industry after the internet became a profit-oriented platform. Owing to the flourishing internet, the web development industry has been emerging at a steady pace. Important outcomes of web-development are the growth of the e-commerce industry, popularity and success of weblogs and pervasiveness of social media websites, all of which work on interactivity and user-based content.

Below mentioned are some of the most used web development tools used by web developers.

1) Rails

This web development structure is very important for web developer virtual assistant . Rails is the most appropriate for amateur web developers, who are new to the business of web development. It is a well-establish web development framework. It is very user-friendly, easily accessible and decipherable.

2) React JavaScript

Launched on Facebook, React JS is a developing collection of pre-written JavaScript. It is also used by virtual assistants on popular social media sites such as Instagram and Netflix. It is used to create user interface (UI) elements, especially for the basic one-page applications.

3) Cake PHP

It is an Open Source platform to develop web applications which is suitable for e-commerce web development. Cake PhP follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) strategy. It saves a web developer’s time, and effort as the old syntax can be reused. This framework is suitable for e-commerce websites.

4) Laravel

Laravel is used by virtual assistants; it was develop by Taylor Otwell and Laravel simplifies the functioning of most of the website projects. Laravel is a recently develop web development framework which uses MVC approach. It is forme for the assistance of novice web developers.

5) Symfony

It enables web developer virtual assistants to alter business necessities.it is a programming language which is used to create web applications and various web services. It forms applications to make them stable and well-organized.it has an organized code, which makes new visitors of the website to easily capture the essence of the segregated data.

Symphony ensures that the efforts of the web developers or virtual assistants are focus on the web applications instead of the tools.

6) Angular JavaScript

Focuses on making a website efficient to produce results faster than usual, as it creates Single Page Application projects (SPA). It is free to use which invites most of the web developers to use it. Angular JS is used to form Rich Internet Applications (RIA); it can be used on the latest updated versions of web browsers.

7) Vue JavaScript

This is a recent web development tool and is largely use by virtual assistants. It has many notable advantages:

a) Easy to interpret

Vue JS is easy to interpret and has a very basic structure. It is appropriate for beginners in the field of web development.

b) Versatility

Vue JS enables the web developers to create their template in Javascript file, HTML file or pure Javascript file. Due to the malleability of Vue JavaScript, the web developers or visual assistants of many recent JavaScript structures can easily interpret the code of Vue JS also, as all of them are pretty much similar.

c) Compact

Web developer virtual assistants prefer small size JavaScript frameworks. The size of Vue JS is its USP; its size is around 20kb (it usually ranges from about 18-21 kb). It takes very less time for the web developers to download it. It competes with the larger frameworks like React and Ember JavaScript.

d) Two – way

Vue JS is better than the other bulkier frameworks like Angular and React JavaScript; it enables web developers to create two-way communication.

7) Django

It is an advanced an open source web and Python-structure which established steady growth. Django is suitable for web development due to its lightweight. Django is an international framework, which is use across the borders. It is flexible it permits third-party syntax to be used in a pre-existing project which means that necessary changes can be made in the original framework, which enhances the operability of the original web framework.

8) Ember

It ensures that a web developer’s time is not waste for creating minor codes. It integrates commonly used codes so that the web developer visual assistant can make concerted efforts and focus on the more important codes, which enhance the operability of the website.

9) Backbone

It is useful to create single page web apps. Popular web applications like WordPress, Verizon, and Digg use Backbone JavaScript. It lays the structure for web applications. It is favorable for use by novice web developers.


Web development is a developing industry; virtual assistants use many of the above-mentioned frameworks based on JavaScript, HTML or Python. Apart from these frameworks, there are some other web development frameworks which are use by web developers. Some of the frameworks are bulky and large whereas others are lightweight and fast; these frameworks are variable to cater to the needs of different web developers. Well-known platforms like Google and Amazon amongst others use such frameworks.

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