Choose The Perfect Prom Transportation

Half the fun of prom night is arriving at the venue in a flashy limo! Choosing the wrong transportation for prom, though, can turn a night of fun into a disaster. Make the most of your teen’s big night by learning how to pick out the perfect transportation for the prom!

1. Consider the size of the party

Before you begin shopping for prospective prom limos, get an exact count of the number of passengers who’ll be riding in the vehicle. If your teen is planning to ride to the prom with several of his or her friends, make a list of everyone who wants to ride in the limo. Use this number to help you decide what kind of limo to rent.

Remember that all limos, even party buses, have maximum passenger limits that should be respected in order to maintain safe conditions during the ride. In fact, trained chauffeurs will not allow the vehicle to take off unless the number of passengers is fewer than the maximum for the vehicle. Even if your teen’s party consists of fewer passengers than the vehicle limit, you can give a copy of the passenger list to the chauffeur and ask that no additional passengers be allowed in the vehicle after the event ends.


2. Inspect the vehicle in advance.

Now that you know how many people will be traveling in the limo, it’s time to go shopping for the perfect prom night transportation! You might begin your search by visiting the websites of a few local limo companies. However, online images may not provide an honest picture of the exact limo you’ll rent. You’ll need to see the limo in person to inspect it for damage, examine the available amenities, and make sure your teen likes it.

As you look at the available fleet, make a note of any areas of concern, and mention them to the company right away. No matter how busy the company is, you should never feel pressured to accept a prom limo that is below your standards. You can always shop around until you find just the limo you’re looking for.


3. Check the company’s service record.

Even if you find a perfect limo with every luxury your teen wants, you’ll need a reliable chauffeur to care for transportation on prom night. Before you leave the limo company, ask about the business’s customer service record. You may even want to check out their online reviews.

Be sure to ask if the chauffeurs have been trained in how to handle rowdy or disagreeable passengers. You should also make sure that the company is licensed to operate in your state and that it carries the necessary insurance.

Choosing the perfect transportation for the prom doesn’t have to be difficult! If you narrow down the number of passengers, get a good look at your prospective limo in advance, and choose a reliable company, you can ensure that your teen’s prom night will be unforgettable!

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