3 Ways You Can Use Tech To Boost Your Business Productivity

An estimated 76% of global business leaders believe that tech-driven CEOs are the key to a company’s success, according to CEO Today Magazine. Since tech provides an array of advantages that improve effectiveness and efficiency, any business would hamstring themselves not to invest in it. These days, even hobbies like gardening are making use of apps to become as productive as possible. Let’s look at three ways you can use tech to boost your business productivity.

Employ Project Management Software 

Project management software usually has two components. These are resource management and time-tracking. Resource management will allow you to schedule and plan how you will employ resources in an efficient and timely way. This will optimize your resource flow and thus maximize your output. Programs like these mainly involve allocating resources like money, tools, and supplies to different departments and employees. But aside from that, they can also be used to direct human resources, assign tasks, and advise employees and subcontractors on how best to complete them.

That’s also where the time-tracking component comes in. This will let you keep track of how much time is needed to finish individual tasks. From this data, you can extrapolate how much time you need to allocate to tasks, and how effective your employees are at their tasks. If your employees are paid by the hour or your business uses a cost-plus pricing format, this will be a big help. Programs like these, such as Journyx, will make assigning workloads and printing reports for clients so much easier.  

Take Full Advantage of the Cloud 

The primary purpose of businesses making use of cloud computing is to reduce overhead. Whether you’re working from home or in an office, it can result in savings of up to $300,000 in software and hardware infrastructure costs. The cloud also allows you to access workplace assets from any device since everything is centralized.

With the money you save by moving to the cloud, you can invest in improving your products and services, giving you a big boost ahead of your competition. What’s more, is that every employee will have access to the same assets and computing power. This means that your workflow won’t get held back by employees not being able to access files or not having the right hardware. Cloud computing is designed so that a wide variety of devices can access the cloud and contribute to the workflow. As long as your employees have a device that can access the internet, they can work, thanks to cloud computing.

Make Use of Full-Featured Remote Conferencing Suites 

Regardless of your company’s size, you must have clear channels at all times to strategize and discuss work matters. Now, more workplaces than ever are conferring through platforms like Zoom. However, they’re still quite clunky, unreliable, and inconvenient to use. That is why it is highly recommended to use remote conferencing tools specifically geared towards businesses that do a lot of conferences. These have several advantages over more generalist platforms like zoom.

For one thing, these tools allow for seamless streaming videos and linking of presentations in a simple, user-friendly way. They can also let different conference rooms merge at any time, so people in different conferences can talk to each other as needed. Many of these suites also have interactive components, opening up the horizons for workshops, interactive webinars, and better workplace collaboration.

Today’s market landscape isn’t exactly that friendly towards employees and companies trying to keep their livelihoods afloat. Fortunately, tech is advanced enough to pick up the brunt of the slack and make things easier for everyone.

Kishan Rana

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