Ways Automotive Software Solutions Increase Productivity

In today’s business world, the motto is to do more with less effort. For more and more auto repair shops, the concept is realized through the use of Mobile inspection software solutions.

Just as mobile devices have replaced the need for desktop computers, and decades ago, just as computers have replaced typewriters, the way mechanics communicate has evolved. I am.

The era of tedious writing long and descriptive repair orders, inspection reports and quotes is coming to an end. More and more repair shops are automating their business operations. That progress opens the door to infinite profit possibilities.

Save time

Repair shops in the United States and abroad save time every day with all customer service without compromising vehicle service and repair methods.

How are you

Instead of spending minutes writing down vehicle identification numbers, license plates, etc. For each customer, technicians equipped with mobile devices or tablets scan the VIN and decode the license plate as part of a multipoint digital inspection. , You can take a photo. , Repair orders, etc.

This process speeds up the multipoint / repair order process and allows you to spend more time repairing additional vehicles.

After a mechanic has been diagnosed or completed a pre-approved repair order, it is as easy to notify a customer as it is to send a text message or email. According to our research, customer response times are significantly reduced compared to traditional phone calls. When you text or email a photo, your customers will respond twice as fast. This is an average of 37 minutes compared to the national average of 1 hour and 17 minutes. Quick customer response means more efficient, less lift vehicle removal and reinstallation after approval while waiting for customer contact.

Additionally, according to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, nearly a third of respondents prefer to receive text messages rather than phone calls, and 14% respond to contextual contact methods. I replied that I chose. For many who are busy with work and family appointments, text messaging is the fastest and easiest mode of communication.

improve accuracy

In addition to saving valuable time, mobile automotive software solutions ensure that you don’t miss letters or numbers in your VIN, don’t rush to haul technicians, or write sloppy work instructions.

The mobile software seamlessly populates forms with customer and vehicle information, reducing the chance of erroneous data entry and eliminating the need to fill out forms multiple times.

Making sure you enter the correct information first eliminates the need for shop advisers to rewrite repair orders or clarify information to technicians.

Eliminate redundancy

Not only does mobile wireless technology reduce the time it takes to rewrite difficult-to-read information and correct errors in inspections and repairs, it also saves time and effort by integrating it into a store management system.

Best of all, the VIN number and vehicle health image provide 100% accuracy to the management system.

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